Dems Don’t Want To Predict Win In November (?)

While the story overall is no bad, this must be the silliest headline I have seen in awhile: Dems loathe to predict win this fall:

Call it the campaign with no margin for Republican error, in a nation that is war-weary and eager for change, yet seems wary of the Democratic option.

Even Republicans tacitly concede they will lose seats in both the House and Senate in Nov. 7 elections midway through President Bush's second term. Yet Democrats, long out of power, are loath to predict publicly they will gain the six Senate and 15 House seats they need for control of Congress.

Oh, please. Democrats have been baying from the roof tops that Pelosi will be the next Speaker of the House. They have even taken to think they are going to have a veto proof majority, in some of the wackier extremes.

This is all over their forums and blogs. The news media is trumpeting that the Dems are probably going to pick up the House. Perhaps the AP should have read al-Reuters.

The Democrats have no plan other then opposition to George W. Bush, and impeachment hearings if they get the House, despite Bush not running in 2006. Their are no positive plans, nothing on national security, nothing on the war on terror.

Why? Because they do not want to expose their real agenda, other then impeachment in a time of war. Discussing abortion on demand, raising taxes, socialism health care, surrender to terrorists, moving away from pushing democracy worldwide, bigger social programs, ignoring the illegal alien problem, using foreign law to decide American issues, etc, and so on.

Remember, this is a Party that continuously complains, yet has not offered any legislation to deal with said complaints.

It must really suck being a democrat these days. Nothing but complaints and misery, as well as a festering hatred of everythign America. It's no wonder they didn't leave after the 2004 elections. No other country would want such unproductive, depressing, depressed, violent, hateful people. 

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