No Message Dems

From the Washington Post:

We're not sure which is more comment-worthy: the exploitativeness or the incoherence of the Democrats' new Internet video, "America Needs a New Direction." Two things are clear: To judge by this video, Democrats don't think much of their audience, and they don't have a message beyond, "Vote for us, we're the un-Bushes."

No judging necessary. They think everyone that voted and supports Bush is a redneck ignoramus who lives in a trailor. And if you do not follow the Dem Party line, you are a fool.

They do have messages other then "we're the un-Bushes." However, they do not want to advertise that that message is abortion on demand, the welfare nation, and surrender, among some of their greatest "progressive" hits. Doesn't play to well with middle America, ie, those who do not pay attention to politics as much as we do.

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