101 People Who Are Really Screwing Up America

Have y'all seen this book yet? I have wandered by it in the book store a few times, took an hour to peruse it while having a coffee at the local Borders. And, boy, it really was as bad as you would think it would be, considering it is pretty much a rip off of Bernie Goldberg's book.

Who made the list? Consider that the book is from the same moonbats who wrote The Bush Haters Handbook and Bushit.

Let's start with the not really people

  • 101-The obnoxiously loud and constant cell phone user
  • 99- Bill and Brian France and NASCAR
  • 85- L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology
  • 83- The Snowmobile, ATV, and Jet Ski Industries
  • 72 Halliburton
  • 67- SUV Buyers
  • 57- The Average American

I'll stop there, you get the picture. Plenty of entries that aren't really "people." And you have to love that one about the "Average American." Shows what the haters really think about Americans.

But let's see who is #77:


But the liberals do not really hate religion, eh?

The rest is the standard list of liberal pet peeves, Bush, Cheney, Rush, Hannity, Condi Rice, etc. Not much in the way of liberals on the list. Goldberg mentioned several Conservatives, such as Michael Savage. This book? The only one I really saw was "Democratic P*ssies," which is really just a screed against Dems who do not follow the hard left sheeple line.

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10 Responses to “101 People Who Are Really Screwing Up America”

  1. Stacy says:

    I love my SUV.

  2. William Teach says:

    Me too. Though it is a Honda CRV that gets decent milage. Closer to a car.

  3. Regina says:

    The book sounds entirely one sided. I agree with you if your saying it’s a bunch of liberal bullsh*t propaganda.

  4. William Teach says:

    Oh, it is. It is. Just another liberal knee jerk reaction book meant to be a hatchet job. Bernie Goldberg’s book was a nice, factual, well written book. This one has nasty overtones.

  5. John the Patriot says:

    Well, just look at the “people” that they put in the book, SUV drivers, the Average American (one of which I am, an damn proud-so blow me), and God. It shows the huge amount of lack of research that was done for this “book”. They might as well should have put “everybody in America”.

  6. nettie says:

    Should I be surprised?

  7. Joe says:

    You People have no idea what the hell your talking about. I am a proud librel and yes I do beleive in God. Sure putting god on the list is wrong but don’t lose point of the BIG PICTURE. Repurblicans and the fancy-a– SUV drivers are killing the planet. Becouse of the you your children will never breath or inhale fresh air. And Bush is a mess, can someone please tell me why anyone would like him, other then the religousness (Apparently no one knows the difference between Church and State) or becouse or the fact he’s a homophobe. Bush is responsible for the death of thousands of Americans whether through not knowing what’s going on during Katrina or sending innocent lives to there death in Iraq. So I hope you rich fancy Republicans enjoy your SUV’s and tax breaks becouse your ruinning America for yourself and everyone else!!!

  8. William Teach says:

    Yo, joe, I didn’t write the book. A liberal did. You want to complain, complain to the authors who took those slaps at your fellow Americans.

  9. Josh Linderer says:

    This guy just totally copied off Bernard Goldberg and made a louzy ass book. He says some of the most stupid shit in that book too. Like saying the average American is ruining the country;he’s basically saying most of the people living here are screwing up America. Well, I have something to tell that asshole mother-fucker: I would rather hang out with an average, beer drinking, cigarette smoking,partying American than one of those stuck-up, rich, boring WASP or other “superior” rich person who blow each other every night. I would like to say a big “Fuck You” to Jack Huberman and punch him in the throat.

  10. -asd says:

    You say that Goldberg’s book was factual? And that it didn’t have nasty overtones? Who has the bias now? Did you READ Goldberg’s book for what it was? He gets several things wrong, and HE DOESN’T ACTUALLY GO AFTER ANY REAL CONSERVATIVES – only ones that have already been outed. That’s like exposing corrupted cops that are already in jail for being a corrupted cop! Way to go. And to Josh – stuck up rich “superior” WASPs describes most conservatives a lot better than most liberals. Hell, some of the people listed in Goldberg’s book are in there SIMPLY because they drink alcohol and do drugs. Way to go. You guys proved you know nothing.

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