Climate Change Good For Farming

Or is it? The folks in "the glass is completely empty" crowd tell us that this is bad

Climate change provides many new opportunities for British farmers, like tea and energy crops, but also poses challenges including the threat of new insects and diseases, a British government minister said.

Got that? New crops, but there is a downside. We are all going to die from bugs (both types)

Junior environment minister Ian Pearson described climate change as the biggest long-term challenge to the human race and said Britain must do more to help tackle it.

"We need to do more as a government domestically. I don't think frankly that we have credibility internationally in arguing that we need to tackle climate change if we can't credibly show we are leading the way domestically, he said.

Pearson noted that Britain was not on course to meet its own target of a 20 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2010, noting latest figures indicated a 16.2 percent cut would be achieved.

Gee, I thought Europe and the world loved the Kyoto Protocol, which you  might notice is not mentioned anywhere in the article. Could that be because only one European country is meeting it's targets?

The European Union's emissions trading scheme faces its second major hurdle in a matter of weeks on Friday as EU states struggle to meet a deadline to finish plans laying out industry pollution rights for 2008-2012.

Barbara Helfferich, Dimas' spokeswoman, said Estonia was the only country to have turned in its plan officially so far.

So, all but one cannot even come up with a plan. But, they should be ready once global cooling starts.

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