Democrats At Their Best

Nothing really interesting going on with politics, so, let's check the DUmmies.

First up, a pithy thread entitled Pledge something that you will do to make America better. So far, the two answers are:

  •  I pledge to do all I can to rid the gov of republicans. nt
  •  I'll NEVER vote for ANY Republican.

Deep answers, eh. But they'll tell us they are full of plans.

And, to answer the whole plans thing:

  • When a Repuke/freepturd/dittododo tells you "Dems don't have a plan"  return with this: "If someone totally destroyed your car, would you let them ask you what YOUR plan was to fix it?"
  •  "We do have a plan … we're gonna look at all the things you guys fucked up, and then not do that."

More deep thoughts. LOL.

But, you know, we need to be nice to the scumbag "detainee's" at G'itmo, or so the Leftards tell us. But, what about our own troops?

  • They need to turn those animals that raped and killed…  that little Iraqi girl, and her family, over to the Iraqi people.
  • Maybe if these scum were informed about how the Muslim/Arabic world  treats criminals (a la stealing, rape . . .) they might have thought twice . . . Then again, they might not have left anyone alive to be witnesses . . .
  • sounds to me like they did their damndest to kill all the witnesses anyway

So, now are troops are scum who should get a dose of Sharia law. But make sure we treat the Islamofacists in G'itmo, associates an/or members of Al Queda, with kid gloves. Strange, the mind of a leftard.

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