Cell Phone Etiquette

Because it is Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Virgin Mobile offers tips on proper cell phone etiquette. Here are a few more

  1. Do not scream obscenities into the phone at the top of your lungs, unless you are at home
  2. Do not accuse that nice person at the cell phone store of cutting your phone off because you forgot to pay your bill. Again. This isn't the 1950's. There are no human beings who sit around and say "hey, let's cut ___ off for a hoot!"
  3. Don't walk into the store 5 minutes before closing because your phone is on the fritz due to you using it in the rain. Been open all day, pally!
  4. That ring tone? It's disgusting. Does your Mom approve?
  5. Buy a headset. Having you weave into my lane is not appreciated
  6. Stop looking at the phone while driving. It really isn't going to change colors, you know.
  7. No one forced you to go over your minutes. Don't yell at the cell company representative.
  8. Hey, your kid is in the mall fountain. Get off the phone and get him/her. Moron.
  9. Don't answer your phone while talking to another person without excusing yourself. Very rude.

By the way, the best damage story I ever heard was that a guys goat chomped his phone. He had some paper sticking out of his back pocket, and whammo! Teeth marks and destroyed.

And, a random thought: Have you ever listened to your coffee maker as it enters the final throes of the coffee making process? Pretty disgusting!

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3 Responses to “Cell Phone Etiquette”

  1. The Dunc says:

    Here’s another definite cell phone “no-no” from the Minnesota Timberwolves. http://cbs13.com/topstories/topstories_story_180174619.html

  2. Anthony Scott says:

    I avoid Triangle Town Center and Crabtree Malls for that very reason. I HATE hearing ohter people’s calls when i am trying to go to the Tinderbox.

  3. Well crap, I break rule number 1 all the damned time.

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