DU Loves Noah’s Ark

Instead of the normal seething about politics, how about some normal seething about religion?

Some archaeologists claim they have found Noah's Ark

Exploring more than 13,000 feet high in the rugged Elburz mountain range northwest of Tehran, a team of archaeologists from Texas believe they have found the remains of Noah's Ark. "I can't imagine what it could be if it is not the Ark," Arch Bonnema of the Christian-based Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration (Base) Institute, told ABC News.

Archaeologists have been wanting to explore that area for over a decade, the Iranian gov't finally let them. The DUmmies must be excited!

  •  3. I wonder what the "archeologists" credentials are? Did any of their studies include deductive reasoning?
  •  6. Hey, kids! Collect the whole set!
  •  21. Pieces of the cross? n/t
  •  7. News Flash Busholini will confirm this for TX and Jeb will do so for Florida. (can't have a DU thread without some BDS, eh?)
  •  16. They find wood splinters and they're convinced it's Noah's Ark, but they don't believe that dinosaur fossils mean that dinosaurs predate Adam and Eve?
  •  19. "I can't imagine what it could be if it is not the Ark," A f*cking boat tossed by a tsunami? A hut that looks like a boat? God's joke on the fundies?
  •  23. IT'S A MIRACLE  That people actually believe this crapola.
  •  26. Even it it is a bit of the ark, so what? Also, does wood last that long in open air?

Such sad lives.

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