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Being that she is a staunch advocate for Women's Rights, I wonder what she had to say about this the US spreading democracy and woman's suffrage to the Middle East

Women voted and ran for the legislature of Kuwait for the first time in the oil-rich Gulf state's history Thursday, and though no women captured any seats, the election drew unprecedented support for democratic reform from young people and women.

"It's like women in Kuwait have been standing behind a closed door since the constitution was passed," said Mary Anne Tetreault, author of "Stories of Democracy: Politics and Society in Contemporary Kuwait." "They weren't allowed in as equal partners. And now the door is open, the sun is coming in, and these women are marching out."

It was not until May 2005, through the pull of the progressive ruling family and family-appointed ministers, that parliament allowed women to vote and stand for election.

Saudi Arabia is now the only Gulf state that does not permit women to run or vote; Brunei and the United Arab Emirates are monarchies, so neither men nor women are eligible to vote in those countries.

It will be women with Rights, such as suffrage, that will cause the downfall of radical Islam, as they no longer put up with the beatings, the rapes, the stonings, etc, and put their stamp on the religion.

Pelosi released this statement today


Democracy in the Middle East is good for the United States and the world. Women voting in the ME is good for the US and the world.

Both are bad for the Democrats, who have blocked or bitched about every single initiative that the U.S. has taken in the Middle East.

Here's an idea, Libs: until you have a better plan, how about a big cup of shut-the-f*ck up?

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