Only Liberals Can Win The War On Terror (?)

Matt at Blogs For Bush writes:

Liberals Leading The War on Terror? Scary thought… but apparently there's a book out now that attempts to argue that only liberals can win the war on terror and "make American great again."

It is even scarier then you think. The Fox News editorial, written by liberal Martin Frost, takes some serious liberties with liberals and liberal viewpoints

  •  And now along comes Peter Beinart’s new book, "The Good Fight – Why Liberals – and only Liberals – Can Win the War on Terror and Make America Great Again.” (they don't even acknowledge that there is a war on terror!)
  •  However, as Beinart correctly points out in his book, this does not mean that liberals should also oppose strong action against radical Muslim jihadists who conspire to harm our country. Quite the contrary, liberals should be at the forefront of the fight against terrorists like Usama bin Laden– just as liberals fought communists for control of American labor unions in the 1940’s, and just as liberals kept communism out of western Europe following World War II. (excuse me, but the Liberals were the ones allowing communists to work in the US government, including high positions, and ignoring all evidence of communist spying and undermining of America. They did do good in Western Europe, except for that thing about splitting Germany up.)
  •  In Beinart’s view, liberals must shake the post-Vietnam syndrome and support the use of force by the United States when appropriate to advance our national interest. They can’t let Bush’s failures in Iraq prevent use from using force wisely in other places in the world. (part one, never happen. Liberals revell in America coming out on the losing side. Part two is just another liberal talking point, from people that railed against the war before it even happend, and now give aid and comfort to the enemy)
  •  However, Beinart makes the point that our efforts to promote Democracy in other nations have been seriously undermined by the Bush administration's actions: curbing civil liberties at home as a part of the war on terror, ignoring international law in its treatment of prisoners captured as a part of the war on terror. (yada yada yada.)

All in all, nothing more then typical liberal talking points to try and make dems, who have been weak on defense since the mid 60's, appear to have cajones, when nothing could be farther from the truth. I could say I was 6'2" till the cows came home, but, doesn't change the fact that I am 5'8".

I do not necessarily agree with Matt that Gore would have done nothing. I do not necessarily disagree. We just do not know. Heck, the way Gore went insane after the election, he might have nuked Afghanistan and Iraq. But, more then likely, he would have done little. That is the liberal way.

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