Bunning Says Times Committed Treason

Via the Courier Journal (it was the first on the list)

WASHINGTON — The New York Times committed treason by revealing an anti-terrorism program that checks international banking records of Americans and others, U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning said yesterday

"That the press wouldn't have better sense than to leak critical information on terrorists so that they know what we're doing — that scares the devil out of me," Bunning told reporters in a conference call.

The Kentucky Republican said Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez should empanel a grand jury to decide whether the New York Times' publisher, editors and writers who were involved in the story should be indicted for treason.

Freedom of the Press doesn't give the Times, or any other journalist, the right to commit treason, which, BTW, comes before the 1st Amendment. Furthermore, the 1st only restricts the Federal Congress from passing any laws that would restrict the freedom of the press.

Bunning also said prosecutors should examine whether to charge those who leaked the story and journalists involved in earlier stories on the existence of a National Security Agency program involving eavesdropping on Americans' telephone calls.

That goes without saying, but, I seriously doubt we will hear word one of this until the person or persons involved are arrested and charged.

Rep. Ben Chandler, D-Ky, shows that he doesn't understand the 1st, nor that treason is part of the original Constitution:

As for prosecuting journalists, he said, "While I believe the media should exercise extreme caution and judgment when reporting on programs designed to protect our national security, I also believe in protections provided by our Constitution, namely freedom of speech and of the press."

Why are there already federal laws restricting free speech during campaigns? Or how about someones Right to burn a cross? While distastefull, isn't that free speech? Yet there are federal laws against it. There are Hate Crime laws on the federal books. The Congress has tried to pass laws that would restrict bloggers during the elections. Just because we work for ourselves, doesn't mean we aren't the press. Sort of.

Or how about the Dems trying to pass a law that would force equal time for libs on conservative talk shows, particularly on the radio? If they do not comply, the conservative radio hosts can be shut down. Violates both the freedom of the press and of speech. I wonder if the Dems would force the same on Air America?

But, I digress. Many laws have been passed that violate the 1st. Which, BTW, is technically the 3rd, since the original two were not ratified.

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