Uber-Liberal RFK Jr Voter Theft Debunked

What is it with these liberals? For a Party that calls itself progressive and forward looking, whose main talking points site is called Move On, they sure seem to focus on, and whine about, the past.

Case in point: Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Mr. Super Environmentalist Who Refuses To Allow The Cape Wind Project, went all sorts of wonky a little bit ago regarding the 2004 elections, where he said the Republicans stole in Ohio, and was finally published in the June 15th issue of Rolling Stone. Many, many, right wing bloggers rebutted this idiocy when it was first heard about, like The Commissar.

Well, you wouldn't believe who else is refutting Kennedy's foolish moonbattery (via Newsmax)

In the June 15 issue of Rolling Stone, under the headline "Was the 2004 Election Stolen?” Kennedy writes: "A review of the available data reveals that in Ohio alone, at least 357,000 voters, the overwhelming majority of them Democratic, were prevented from casting ballots or did not have their votes counted in 2004 — more than enough to shift the results of an election decided by 118,601 votes.”

But the Cleveland Plain Dealer – regarded as anything but a conservative newspaper – headlines a June 18 article: "Rest assured, we checked out Election 2004 thoroughly,” and states: "There was no shortage of mistakes made in vote counting. There were voters who should have been registered but weren’t, polling places with lines that were too long and without enough voting machines, and decisions from [Secretary of State Ken] Blackwell that appeared to be partisan.

"All these mistakes and misjudgments took votes from both candidates, but probably more from Kerry. But they didn’t add up to nearly enough votes to swing Ohio from Bush to Kerry. "The mistakes were … bipartisan in nature and not a result of Republican chicanery.”

Hmm, so Politics 101 Summer Session: crap happens when government is in charge and elections are held, relying on people, including Democrats.

What are a few points the Plain Dealer makes?

"In his online footnotes, Kennedy refers no less than a half-dozen times to a five-month-long post-election investigation commissioned by the Democratic National Committee called ‘Democracy at Risk.’

"Somehow he never gets around to quoting the DNC investigative team’s conclusion that ‘The statistical study of precinct-level data does not suggest the occurrence of widespread fraud that systemically misallocated votes from Kerry to Bush.”

The newspaper also notes: "Kennedy saw conspiracy in a Franklin County foul-up that resulted in far too few voting machines at a polling place in a heavily black area that would presumably vote mainly for Kerry.

"But he didn’t tell his readers that the chairman of the Franklin County elections board, who oversaw the county’s voting machine allocation, was a black man who also chairs the county Democratic Party. Not a likely candidate to steal votes for Bush.”

But, you know, there has to be some sort of Darth Rove CONspiracy involved in getting a Black Democrat to tank the elections in Franklin County, right? 😉

The moonbats just cannot move on. Kennedy is just the latest in a long string of visible ones. Peruse the DU, Daily Kosbat, etc, and you will see lots of threads that are all about the GOP and Boooossshhh! stealing the 2000 and 2004 elections. You can read almost any thread at the DU and someone will insert some quick blurb about election theft, and they do not mean by Dems.

But this is good for the GOP, because, rather then looking forward and coming up with a plan that isn't more then a pandering outline which would have earned a D at best in high school, they concentrate on the past, showing the American People that they have no Vision to offer the United States.

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