Democrats New Bumper Sticker And Farts

Yes, folks, just when you thought that the Demorats couldn’t come up with yet another patronizing and idiotic slogan, then went and proved us wrong. This one is a doozie, too: A New Direction For America

If they retake control of Congress, Democrats will act quickly to increase the minimum wage, lower prescription drug costs and slash interest rates on student loans, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Saturday.

The ideas are part of the Democrats’ new domestic agenda, named “New Direction for America,” which the party rolled out during the past week. Pelosi, D-Calif., used the party’s Saturday radio address to promote the plan.

Two points about this

  1. This so called “agenda” and slogan is just another regurgitation of their same old agenda’s, which include nothing regarding terrorism against the United States. They plan on giving away lots of money for social programs, slapping around free enterprise, and screwing small business by raising the minimum wage.
  2. At least Kerry’s slogans, “A Stronger America (perhaps it should have been “A Stranger America :)”) and “We Can Do Better” weren’t saying that America sucks, so let’s do everything different. That is what “A New Direction for America” says to me; that everything sucks, so we need to do things different. It is what you hear when a sports team is stinking it up “we need to move in a new direction.”

Anyhow, Dems are great with slogans, but short on follow through. Perhaps if they spent a little more time listening to the realities going on around them, rather then reinforcing their own sordid opinions while drinking latte’s surrounded by other liberals, they might have a clue. And their new “agenda” and slogan are about as meaningless as their “Real Security” plan, which I couldn’t even find anymore at, without the page link within a previous post of mine.

On Iraq, Pelosi said: “2006 must be a year of significant transition. It is time for a new direction in Iraq.”

A “new direction” would be called surrender.

This is what I think of their new slogan, as well as what their new slogan is worth. I thought about going with monkeys slinging poo, but that would be disgusting.

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