Stop The ACLU Blogburst 6/15/06

The ACLU sues. That’s right, the ACLU sues. Rather then working to solve issues that they do not agree with diplomatically, the ACLU sues. Rather then respecting the opinions of others, the ACLU sues to enforce their opinion. Rather then allowing the People to make up their minds, the ACLU sues to avoid allowing people to make up their minds. It’s what they do.

The phrase “ACLU sues” occurs

  • 223 times on Yahoo News today
  • 284 times on Google News
  • 564,000 times on Google
  • 618,000 times on Yahoo
  • 74,000 times on Lycos
  • 253 times on their own site

And that is just one headline style for what the ACLU does.

Isn’t it just great that the ACLU is so involved in the American legal system? Or could it be that the ACLU uses lawsuits to harass, intimidate, and coerce people, companies, and governments to do things their way, and their way only?

The ACLU calls themselves the protectors of civil liberties, yet, by constantly using the threat of lawsuits and actual lawsuits, they aren’t much better then the mafia in forcing their viewpoint on others, thereby stifling the civil liberties of others.

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2 Responses to “Stop The ACLU Blogburst 6/15/06”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    It’s not only the ACLU. Je$$ie Jack$on was out yesterday with more extortion plans for american companies. Why is this blackmailer allowed to walk the streets. He’s broken every law on the books but has not been arrested for one reason, ‘he’s black’. One good thing did come from the ‘extortion’ plot. I saw the Ford motor company has bowed to his blackmail just in time to change my mind about the purchase of a new truck to replace the 2003 Ford. It sure won’t be a Ford.

  2. It’s what lefties do. Majority not agree with you? Sue them to force your opinion down their throats.

    Especially since the “values” of the Dems are really no that popular.

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