Cape Wind Project Highly Favored

From Cape Cod Today:

The results of a new survey released today leave little doubt as to public support for Cape Wind – it is overwhelming.

 More than four out of five people across the state – 81 percent – and 61 percent of Cape and islands’ residents are in favor of Cape Wind’s proposal to build the nation’s first offshore wind farm in Nantucket Sound.

Now, I am not a big person on polls, especially when only 600 people are polled. But, if we can believe this one, then perhaps the Kennedy’s, Robert and Ted, could follow the wishes of the People of Mass. and allow the Cape Wind Project to go forth, rather then blocking it, as they have been.

Why does this matter to me, living in North Carolina? First, it shows the hypocrisy of super Liberal Ted Kennedy and arch environmentalist Roberty Kennedy, since they are blocking the Will of the People. Second, as an environmentalist myself, and as someone who realizes we need to look at alternative energy sources, the Cape Wind Project could lead to many more wind farms around the country, providing, clean, cheap, energy.

And, yes, before it comes up, Rep Daniel Young (R-Alaska) can kiss my ass for trying to block wind farms, too.

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