Do As I Say, Not As I Do

While I was up in Jersey checking on my sick Mom, helping Dad out, I re-read “Do As I Say, Not As I Do,” by Peter Schweizer. One quote early on really sticks out from the introduction:

…Limbaugh, Bennett, and Dr. Laura were the first to admit that by contradicting their own principles they had damaged their lives and reputations. They were not better off for having done what they did. But for liberals, the case is quite the opposite. When liberals abandon their principles and engage in hypocrisy, they often improve their lives. Whad does this tell us about which ideas are superior?

The author is of course referring to Rush’s drug issues, Bennett’s gambling, and Dr. Laura’s nude photo’s. They were all damaged by what they did. But, liberals typically do profit from doing exactly what they tell others not to do. Lots of great examples.

I wonder if Al Gore will ever take Pelosi to task for never building the ponds to save the California Tiger Salamander, and Ted Kennedy for blocking the Cape Wind Project? Na.

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