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It’s that time of the week again! Do you have an interesting post you want to share with everyone? The official Surrender Monkey of the Democratic Party says to do what the Lefties don’t, since they all have the same talking points: link it!

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The Left is positively giddy with delight over the possibility of “atrocities” by members of the U.S. military in Haditha and now Ishaqi. Rather then seeing this as isolated incidents and, unfortunately, part of war, the Left is using these incidents to do one of their best tricks: bash the military as a whole.

Leftwing Surrender Monkeys, who do not shed a tear over the deaths of US civilians or military personnel at the hands of Islamic terrorists become positively “outraged” at the slightest problem with our military in dealing with the enemy. If these reports are true, then those involved should be charged and tried. But, as said, but cannot be said enough, the SMs use these issues to demean and destroy the U.S. and the military.

In their minds, putting panties on a prisoners head is hundreds of times worse then sawing the head off of Nick Berg, on videotape, for all to see. They have no problem with Palestinians sending women off to blow themselves up and kill pregnent women and their children, but a naked pyramid? Apoplectic.

Obviously, what may have happened in those two Iraqi cities would be bad. And the SM’s will use this to bash the military and the U.S., pretending that they actually care about the Iraqi people, who they ignored for eight years under Clinton as they were gassed, tortured, and murdered by Saddam and his henchman.

Of course, in reality, the Left’s outrage is reserved to bash the military and the U.S., not for the Iraqis, who we are there to help, who were possibly murdered.

are we sure we are the good guys? (from the Huff Puff comments)

By: olivia on June 01, 2006 at 11:51pm

I think that says it all for the SMs point of thought.

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    Amen to this..The self-hatred is indelibly woven into their minds eh?..sheesh. good posting!

  6. William Teach says:

    Thank you, Angel.

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