A Positive USA Today Story On Iraq (?)

I’m dumbfounded. The editors must be asleep at the USA Today

 A few things are inevitable as Iraq moves from the mild heat of winter into the stifling heat of summer: It will be hot. Electrical grids will whine under the increased demand of millions of air conditioners and air coolers. And Iraqis will eat ice cream.

Baghdad’s neighborhoods are peppered with ice cream shops, most of which have outdoor tables or benches for its customers. Clients purchase their cones and cups at the windows, then loiter in the front patios to eat their ice cream. As temperatures climb, the shops fill.

More than just a way to keep cool, ice cream is indulged by Iraqis in the capital as a social exercise, a brief family getaway in a country where violence and chaos keep families indoors for a good part of the day.

Oops, maybe it wasn’t so positive after all. The implication being that Iraqis only salvation from the horrors of the United States is ice cream. I’m sure that they were able to go out and eat it quite a bit while Saddam was in charge, right?

 “Our children are deprived of most everything else,” says Khidei al-Zubari, 35, as he shared a cup of strawberry ice cream with his 3-year-old daughter, Shahad, at the Foqmat ice cream shop in central Baghdad. “The least we could give them is ice cream.”

It had been a rough day for the family: They had waited several hours in a line to buy gasoline, only to be turned away when the station ran out of fuel. Their home was without any power that day.

“There are so many problems, all around us,” Mosawi says, who plans an ice cream trip at least once a week. “We spend a few minutes here to forget them.”

So much for a good story. I guess it would have been too difficult for the UselessA Today to just do a nice fluff piece, rather then using ice cream to attack the USA.

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