So, Is There Actually A War On Terror?

The question for liberals who are complaining about the Homeland Security grants to NYC, D.C., and San Fran: if there is no war on terror, then why do you need the money? (yes, I did listen to El Rushbo while travelling, today) Which way do you want it? Cannot have it both ways.

Realistically, the money should be going more towards preventing a terrorist attack, then the response after an attack. Stop the attack.

With a natural disaster, you worry about the response afterwards. With a terrorist attack, you can put your efforts into stopping it ahead of time.

That being said, the determination of how the money was allocated was idiotic. I can tell you from personal experience (I grew up along the Shore, and spent plenty of time in the City) that NYC has plenty of icons.

But, still, what we see are greedy cities who are dependent on the federal government, much like welfare recipients. Perhaps that could work it out themselves. Cut out the pork, and put the People’s tax money to proper use. Gimme gimme gimme.

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