Hastert Taking More Abuse

Shouldn’t this case be about William Jefferson (D-La), not Dennis Hastert? Yet, with Hastert’s silly outbursts, he has made it more about himself:

Conservatives yesterday expressed confusion and outrage over House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert’s defense of a Democratic congressman whose Capitol Hill office was raided last weekend by the FBI.

“Only thing I can figure is that Denny got up one morning and said, ‘Our approval with the public is at 27 percent — how can I drive that down further?’?” said former Rep. Bob Barr, Georgia Republican.

 Radio host Rush Limbaugh yesterday told his millions of listeners that the Hastert-Pelosi alliance shows the GOP has become “politically tone-deaf,” while a Louisiana senator was the only elected Republican in Washington to criticize the defense of congressional privilege by Mr. Hastert, Illinois Republican.

 “For congressional leaders to react by trying to ban or limit searches of congressional offices will only destroy what little faith and confidence in the institution is left,” said Sen. David Vitter, Louisiana Republican. “Make no mistake, the American people will come to one conclusion, that congressional leaders are trying to protect their own from valid investigation.”

Exactly. The USA Today has an article that says that William Jefferson (D-La) may hurt his party. Well, Hastert seems to be competing to see how much he can hurt the Republicans come November.

Mr. Barr, a former federal prosecutor — and a leader in the 1998 impeachment of President Clinton — scoffed at the Hastert-Pelosi statement.

“There is no constitutional right to secret evidence of criminal activity, just because it happens to occupy space on Capitol Hill,” said Mr. Barr. “I think the FBI is perfectly within its rights to exercise a judicially approved search warrant.”

Will the GOP House Critters wake up, or will they follow Hastert all the way to the unemployment line in November?

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