Welcome To The Nanny State

First Taxachussets, now Vermont:

MONTPELIER, Vermont (Reuters) – Vermont’s governor signed a bill on Thursday that would make the state the second in the nation with near-universal health-care insurance by extending coverage to as much as 96 percent of its residents by 2010.

The law comes a month after neighboring Massachusetts passed the nation’s first near-universal health-care reform plan, which aims to provide insurance to about 95 percent of the state’s half-million uninsured residents by 2009.

A new subsidized health-care plan called Catamount Health will be offered by insurance companies and paid for in part with a hike in the state’s cigarette tax and a fee on employers who do not offer health insurance to their workers.

Socialism at its finest. Raise taxes, slap fees on companies, and support the rest with taxpayer money. It’s nice to make sure that people are covered by insurance, but, it is all paid for by the People of Vermont.

Will those who recieve Catamount Health have to pay premiums and deductibles? And, when they have to file a claim, will they thank the other residents of Vermont for paying for that claim? Because that is where the money will be coming from.

And what of the “fee on employers who do not offer health insurance to their workers?” Will they say “screw it!” and close down shop, maybe move to another State? Alot of those companies will be Mom and Pop’s, small business, who cannot afford to provide insurance to their employees, who, BTW, knowingly took the jobs at those businesses knowing that there was no health care plan.

So, welcome to the Nanny State, Vermonters. Enjoy your higher taxes and fewer small businesses. Enjoy worrying about how you will be able to make your small business work. All thanks to Liberals.

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2 Responses to “Welcome To The Nanny State”

  1. jill says:

    Bush, Blair Offer No Timetable for Removal of Coalition Forces From Iraq


  2. William Teach says:

    Despite that having zero to do with the post, jill, I will answer.

    We all want our troops out, Left and Right. But, we want the job finished. And, to give a timetable will mean alerting the enemy that all they need to do is wait it out.

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