“Progressives” At Their Best: Intolerant Of War Hero’s

Sen. John McCain spoke at the New School graduation ceremony yesterday, held in Madison Square Garden, and his reception was less then stellar entirely normal from “progressives:”

The jeers, boos and insults flew, as caustic as any that angry New Yorkers have hurled inside Madison Square Garden. The objects of derision yesterday, however, were not the hapless New York Knicks, but Senator John McCain, the keynote speaker at the New School graduation, and his host, Bob Kerrey, the university president.

If you keep reading the story (I chose the NY Times one for a reason over the AP story), it gets worse:

  • As Mr. McCain came to the lectern, dozens of students and professors stood and turned their backs on him. Many waved their fliers.
  • The protests grew louder and more frequent as he spoke. Some graduates walked out. Others laughed. When Mr. McCain returned to policy after briefly quoting Yeats, someone shouted, “More poetry!”
  • At another point, someone yelled, “We’re graduating, not voting!”

This is not abnormal behavior by progressives. This is entirely within the pattern of what they do. Sen. McCain said it best:

After yesterday’s event, Mr. McCain told reporters he felt “fine” about his reception. “I feel sorry for people living in a dull world where they can’t listen to the views of others,” he said. (this is why I picked the Times story)

Needless to say, the kind of behavior that McCain was afforded was despicable and disgusting, certainly not what one would expect in a civil society. However, liberals are not civil. You either agree with them 100%, or you will treated like, well, shit. The are completely intollerant of anything and everything that flies in the face of their talking points, and are unwilling and incapable of listening like reasonable, rational adults.

Sister Toldjah writes: “I’m watching FOX’s recap of the event and seeing the protestors who were outside the commencement. Shameful. Just goes to show that the “tolerant” mantra the left frequently uses is nothing but a sham.”

Flopping Aces says: “A perfect example of the Socialist/Liberal mindset at work. Freedom of speech is only meant for those we agree with, if I don’t then I will shout you down. Plus the what can YOU do for ME philosophy? They want to sit on their asses while expecting the government to take care of them.”

RightWingSparkle:  It just makes my blood boil to think of all that McCain did and gave for his country and these snot nosed no experienced little arrogant selfish lefties who wouldn’t know sacrifice if it slapped them in their smug youthful faces, stand up there and bash him. ARGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But wait, it gets even better!

The heckling continued when Mr. Kerrey returned to the lectern, with one audience member shouting, “You’re a war criminal!”

Mr. Kerrey, a Medal of Honor winner, has admitted to leading a mission that resulted in the deaths of 13 to 20 unarmed civilians.

That would be former Senator Bob Kerrey, Democrat-Nebraska.

The Left, intollerant, rude, obnoxious, despicable. Their norm.

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  1. Spoiled Little Rich Kids…

    A bunch of faculty members and graduates decided to make spectacles out of themselves this past weekend by exhibiting thoroughly rude and arrogant behavior towards their commencement speakers….

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