Boycott Gatorade

Why? Watch this Gatorade commercial:

[gv data=”bc1UbF3pcDQ”][/gv]

Did you catch it? Check out these 2 photo’s, straight from the video on Gatorades webpage: (the one entitled “The Road”)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting The commercial is about Team USA Soccer.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting No explanation necessary. And, make sure you listen for the booing between the two screen shots.

Now, watching the whole thing, it appears that the purpose of the commercial is to show the USA Soccer Team overcoming all the hardship and negativity on the road. But, was it necessary to start it out in a negative light, or could they have done a purely positive commercial.

So, thinking of buying Gatorade? Try Powerade or something else.

And make sure to write Gatorade here and ask them why they hate the USA.

Hey, Gatorade:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 

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7 Responses to “Boycott Gatorade”

  1. kender says:

    I also caught a little devil on a sign on the fence, but can’t translate the words on the sign next to it. This kills me…..I saw it the other day and was angry about it. I hate that now I have to boycott my favorite drink, but oh well.
    Have a look at the still of the little devil, maybe someone else can make out what the sign says:
    Little Devil Still here

  2. William Teach says:

    Makes me even madder. I caught the commercial while waiting for lunch the other day, on ESPN2, ticked me off big time.

    I like Gatorade better then the other drinks, too. But, no more.

  3. basil says:

    Actually, it struck me as pro-American. Lots of folks hate us. Team USA went out there to face that, just like … well, Americans.

    Consider the Red, White & Blue “it” in the closing shot.

    Perhaps you and I just see it differently.

    Oh, Buy Blue says Gatorade’s parent, Pepsico, donates more to GOP than to the Dems: $211,218 to Republicans vs $95,390 to Democrats

    For what it’s worth.

  4. William Teach says:

    True, true. I have watched it a bunch of times, especially prior to posting, just to make sure. I know what their attempt at meaning was, but, I just cannot get passed the early part.

    See, that’s the great thing about Conservatives: we can disagree without all the invective that appears when talking with liberals!

  5. mike says:

    This was a spin off a commercial I was looking for – the way I remember it though was a few more goals being scored and the end quote being “teams dont want to play us anymore” “teams cant take us lightly anymore” so its not so much anti-american as saying the USA soccer team is actually good now

  6. William Teach says:

    True. If taken as a whole, it is supposed to be about the team over coming foreign asswipes who hate America. But, it is hard to get beyond the parts I mention.

  7. you guys are dumb says:

    It is a pro-american commercial you assholes. It is good that it started negative and show the US overcoming hardships they face when they play overseas. While the signs you speak of may be anti-US it is probably not all political. The US in general shuns soccer as a sport so why would ppl want to watch them play, besides to lose that is. I like the fact the the commercial makes us the underdog, and then shows us prevailing, even though we lost. Any, your an ass to even think about boycotting due to this commercial. There is nothing wrong with it at all. You need to take your head out of your ass and get with the program

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