John Kerry: Not As Useless As Usual

From Kerry’s Senate website:

Tomorrow John Kerry will offer an amendment to the Immigration Reform Bill to add 1,000 additional Border Patrol agents — bringing the total up to 3,000 new agents this year – plus add an additional 100 helicopters and 250 power boats to secure America’s borders.


 “This is a moment when the far right is horribly wrong and leadership is required to set a course for common sense. We need a comprehensive answer to immigration that includes tightening border security, but putting another burden on the backs of the National Guard troops who are serving their second tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan isn’t the right answer. The National Guard which has borne the burden of a broken policy in Iraq shouldn’t have to bear the burden of an incomplete immigration policy. The right answer is to listen to the 9/11 Commission and put the border patrol agents we need right there on the border. It won’t satisfy the right wing, but it’s the right policy.” (I have included the full text of what he said, which appears on the front page, to disappear at some point, rather then the stripped down press release version”

Kerry did submit it. Impressive. (scroll down to SA 3999) All kudo’s to him for this.

But, does he really believe it? Or, is he just trying to make a political point with the “get tough on illegal immigration” crowd?

Adding another 1000 Border Patrol agents and the equipment is a pretty good idea, though it does smack of one-up-manship, as does the 100 helicopters.

Also, why do we need 250 more boats? Most of the illegals are coming over land. They aren’t even required on the Rio Grande. Put agents on the border.

However, what do we do during the time when these agents are being trained? Ignore the problem? Or put the Guard on the border till the agents can take over? John? Answer?

Unfortunately, John, this is not about the far right wing. It is about putting measures in place, ie, the Guard, till agents can be trained, and doing the correct thing, rather then playing political games. We would be more then satisfied with the extra 1000 BP agents. Thank you.

Also, I bet your base, which consists of the surrender the border crowd, will not like this.

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