Democratic Response To W’s Immigration Speech

Now, I guess some on the Right are annoyed by W’s speech as being pandered to, to put it mildly. Some call it a token gesture. Quite frankly, after a long time of the Conservatives being ignored on this issue, I’m ready to be pandered to. And, at least it is a start.

But what about the Democrats? Let’s check Howie Dean

 “After more than five years of sitting on the sidelines it’s noteworthy that tonight the President finally joined the call from Democrats for comprehensive immigration reform. Unfortunately, at a time when we needed real leadership, we once again heard a political PR campaign filled with an unrealistic short-term fix, rather than a detailed long term solution.

“Once again the President tried to hide the truth about his guest worker program, which would force immigrants into indentured servitude and fail to protect U.S. workers and their wages. For what little substance the President did offer, he left out critical answers on practicality and cost, at a time when our national debt and budget deficits are at record highs and our national guard is stretched thin.

“What’s worse, the President failed to denounce the House Republicans’ plan to criminalize immigrants, families, doctors, and even clergy, leaving many to question whether or not he will stand up to the extremists in his party.

“The President’s lack of leadership and tonight’s band-aid approach to border security was more of the same. The American people are looking for substance not sound bites. Democrats have been consistent and will continue to fight for comprehensive immigration reform that is both tough and smart. That means reform that strengthens our borders. It means reform that protects U.S. workers and their wages, reunites families, and allows hard working immigrants who pay taxes and obey the law the opportunity to apply for the responsibilities of citizenship.”

That’s the Democratic response. Nothing more then the standard Demolib whine and cheese party. Do you have a better plan, Howie? No? I’m not surprised.

How about Dickie Durbin?

“Democrats are willing to support any reasonable plan that will secure our borders, including the deployment of National Guard troops,” Durbin said.

“But Americans don’t want a plan that’s been cobbled together to win political favor. This cannot turn into another long-term military deployment with no clear plan.”

Still no plan, just some attempted smack-downs. And, that is what you can expect to hear and read from the Defeatocratic forces, as they triangulate, poll, and put out the talking points and old whine and cheese parties.

Michelle Malkin has more. And the video of her appearence on O’Reilly is up at Hot Air. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t include some of the exchanges bewtween Michelle and Kirsten Powers. Otherwise, you could see a good example of an unhinged Lib, who sounded unbelievably snotty and rude to Michelle.

Right Wing News has a nice roundup.

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2 Responses to “Democratic Response To W’s Immigration Speech”

  1. NOTR says:

    I guess we all took slightly differing messages from the speech last night. What I heard was a guy who doesn’t have the moral courage to make the hard choices expected of a leader because people have marched in the streets. I also saw a stellar performance by a politician who seemed to believe that those outside the Washington beltway are too dumb to grasp that if you “worksmith” amnesty it somehow is no longer amnesty. I also saw what happens when politicians run out of ideas of how to solve the problem – you call out the National Guard and throw money at it. I also got the message loud and clear from the Riffofflicans that if it is too inconvenient to enforce the laws of the land, you ignore them. Sadly the Dimocrats are not one whit different.

  2. William Teach says:

    I won’t disagree with you at all. I think we should build the fence, enforce the laws, and make the lasws tougher on companies, plus, absolutely no amnesty.

    Howver, it is a start, especially since Republicans in the Senate, and Pres Bush, have been pretty much ignoring the Conservative base. Now, if we can just keep opening the whole in the dike.

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