Global Warming: It’s The Liberals Fault

No, seriously, it is. At least part of it. There are other factors, such as the higher solar output over the last 60 years, the Little Ice Age ending in the mid 1800’s, and natural Earth conditions. But, let’s look at some of the evidence for the Liberal culpability.

First, you have the rise of Socialism/Communism in the 1910’s. Since that time, which is not long after much of the temperature data started being kept, the temperatures around the world have gone up. And, as S/C spread, including to the American Surrender Monkey left, temperatures have continued to go up. The proof is right there. There is a direct correlation.

Consider all the crazy weather over the last 5 years. With the extreme socialism put forth by the Left, ocean temps have gone up above normal, causing very active hurricane seasons. We have seen very hot summer conditions in the United States. It is no accident that 2005 was the most active hurricane season recorded, being the summer directly after the 2004 elections.

Furthermore, consider that most of the worst offenders for CO2 output, as well as some of the highest above average temperatures are in Red States and their cities. Look at Los Angeles: it is a Red city which has a prominent and continuos smog over it. New York City, which, while great, has a temperature reading well above the average of the surrounding areas. Detroit, the industry areas of New Jersey, Boston, San Fran, Philly, Pittsburg. All Red areas, which have higher then average temps, and air pollution.

Heck, there are even some Red cities in Blue states that show this pattern, such as Atlanta and Miami.

Maybe it is all the seething and hatred that they put forth. And, driving all the gas guzzlers they say they hate. But, it is irrefutable that the rise of socialism/communism, of which the majority of the American Left is part of, is a big factor in Global Warming

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