Sorta Blogless Sunday Interlude: More on the Muslim Cartoons

Local Muslims in Raleigh want to turn this whole "cartoons fiasco" into something positive

Fallout is continuing over cartoon drawings of Muhammad in European newspapers, as well as one local student paper. A local Islamic association now hopes to turn the attention into something positive.

This week, Muslim prayer services in Raleigh focused on the prophet Muhammad. They openly discussed the cartoon drawings, printed in newspapers in several countries.

“It’s really a terrible and insulting way to depict one of the most famous prophets and most revered prophets in Islam,” said local Muslim Debbie Jaunich.

One of the most famous? Isn’t Muhammad the most famous? I guess it is hard to learn things like that when Muslims seem to be indoctrinated into hate, killing, violence, suicide, and rioting then their actual religion as of late.

“I would imagine the same outcome would have happened if someone had made a cartoon of the Holocaust or Jesus or any other religious figure or event,” said local Muslim Imran Aukhil.

I would imagine not. There have been plenty of anit-Christianity and Judaism cartoons and books over the years, and, guess what? No rioting, no burning flags and buildings.

“According to Islamic philosophy and teachings, violence and violent reactions are inappropriate in just about any situation,” said Aukhil.

“We should use this opportunity to try to teach people about how we revere the prophet Muhammad and to teach ‘peace be upon him’ and to teach people that violence is not the answer,” said Jaunich.

Perhaps you both should start with teaching the people who follow your religion these concepts first. They sure as hell do no seem to know these concepts, which is proven time and time again.

I had missed that The Daily Tarheel, the school newspaper for the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill actually published an original cartoon. This is amazing. The school really is very liberal. It is basically Berkely East.

The cartoon published in The Daily Tar Heel Thursday was drawn by a cartoonist at the paper, Philip McFee. It shows Muhammad appearing to decry both Denmark’s role in the controversy and the violence that has erupted since.

Daily Tar Heel editor Ryan Tuck said the newspaper wanted to challenge fellow students to think about the issue. He said while he has apologized personally to individuals who told him the cartoon offended, the newspaper will not apologize.

Don’t apologize. Muslims don’t apologize for their behavior. You know, blowing up civilians, buildings, beheading people, stoning them to death, hanging girls who have been raped, desecrating their own religious symbols and icons, and, hey, never apologizing for any of the other violent, destructive, disgusting, etc, behavior of their fellow religionists.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Let’s look at the hard facts: The Madonna painting covered with cow dung was hanging in a NYC museum thanks to funding by the National Endowment for the Arts (AKA THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER).

    Christians were NOT ONLY BEING INSULTED….but for goodness sake, they were PAYING for it.

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