Womens Brains Are Different: Ya Think?

Seriously, what man doesn’t know this?

The comedians are right. The science proves it. A man’s brain and a woman’s brain really do work differently.

New research from the University of Alberta shows that men and women utilize different parts of their brains while they perform the same tasks. The results of the research are reported this month in the journal NeuroImage.

"It is widely recognized that there are differences between males and females, but finding that different regions of the brain are activated in men and women in response to the same task has large potential implications for a variety of different clinical situations," said Dr. Peter Silverstone, a psychiatrist at the U of A and an author of the study.

This is something every man starts to get an inkling about by the time they are five. By the time one becomes 15, they know it 100%. Women are like cats: you never know what they will do or say. They are mysterious and unique. One minute they are aloof, the next, playful. But, nothing a cat does is ever on a man’s schedule.

Men are like a big old dumb Labrador. You know what the dog will do, and it will usually involve scratching, rolling in things, making messes, and barking up a storm.

Viva La Difference!

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3 Responses to “Womens Brains Are Different: Ya Think?”

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  2. Janette says:

    I imagine that someone will give you crap for this post but I want to throw my sipport behind you. I totally agree with your analysis.

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