Daily Archives: November 26, 2005

Why Not Hillary?

I’ve said before that Hillary will not be the Surrender Monkey’s candidate in 2008. Here is another example of why the Dems will not pick her, from a Democratic Wackoground thread entitled "Why Hillary??": NYCGirl: 4. Because then we’d have a Bush or a Clinton in the WH for 24-28 years, an entire generation. Dynasties […]

Miss Beth’s 2005 Bad Blogs Awards

MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is taking nominations for the 2005 Bad Blogs Awards. The Categories are: Worst email spamming link whore Worst comment link-dropping link whore Worst troll (must have their own blog; no non-blogging trolls) Worst spelling and/or grammar (must have their own blog; not non-blogging commenters) Most self-worshipping blogger Blogger who takes […]

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