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Great Googly Moogly! 2005

Yes, that is last years. But, hey, I like it!

Care Bears Must Die!

Found over at Stacey’s spot: Redneck Bear Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?brought to you by Quizilla What, no Pirate Bears?

Dodging Personal Responsibility: Edwards Must Love It.

Via the Raleigh News and Observer: BALD HEAD ISLAND — In June 2003, on his family’s annual vacation to Bald Head Island, 6-year-old Howard Biggers IV fell out of a golf cart. At first, his family thought he got minor scrapes and bruises, but it quickly became apparent he had suffered a head injury. His […]

Major League Beat Down!!!!

Great Beat Downs: Reagan 525-Mondale 13 Devils holding Maple Leafs to 6 shots in a Leafs Playoffs elimination game. Upstart Devils sweep the Red Wings. The movie "Heaven’s Gate." Giants 41-Vikings 0 in an NFL Playoff game. Saddam and the Republican Guard (2 entries) Giants 36-Redskins 0 (today) What else can there be to say […]

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup


Sorta Blogless Sunday-Interlude On Michael Crook

Sorry to interrupt a beautiful Fall Sunday, but, while perusing some insanity at the Demoratic Underground, I came upon Michael Crook’s newer website names. You remember him. He is the wacko who ran “Forsake The Troops.” Now he has Oppose the Troops at 2 different address’, and Now, don’t go there and give […]

This Must Make the Left Happy

From The Star (via  Mike at The Jawa Report and Interested-Participant) JAKARTA (Reuters) – Men in black clothes and masks beheaded three teenage Christian girls on Saturday in eastern Indonesia as they walked to school near the Muslim town of Poso, officials said. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono condemned the killings, which he described as "sadist […]

Last Time on “Plamegate”

Let’s just be clear on one thing: Scooter was popped not for outing a CIA agent, but for being an idiot and lying to the Grand Jury and obstructing it (same charges as Slick!) In Patrick Fitzgerald’s own words (transcript via Michelle Malkin) during yesterdays press conference: Q: Did Libby know whether Valerie Wilson’s identity […]

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Why Men Hate Shopping: Reason 1328

I’ve discussed some reasons why men hate shopping before, now comes another reason. The Seasons Rule. Huh? The Seasons Rule accounts for summer clothes being in stores in the Spring, Fall in the Summer, Winter in the Fall, and Spring in the Winter. Men do not like that. They do not think ahead to by […]

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