Daily Archives: November 18, 2005

Surrender Monkeys Get Busy

Oh, no, Dems will have to actually vote on the Iraq War and whether or not to pull the troops out. Of course, in their hypocrisy and disingenuousness (it’s a word now!), they will not vote their consensuses, but lie (via Blogs For Bush): House Republicans maneuvered for swift rejection Friday of any notion of […]

Zarqawi Threatens King of Jordan

Another great idea by Al-Queda: AMMAN, Jordan – An audiotape in the name of al-Qaida in Iraq threatened on Friday to chop off King Abdullah II’s head and bomb more hotels and tourist sites. The speaker on the tape, identified as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, also said the group’s suicide bombers did not intend to bomb […]

More On the Religion of Pieces

Nice to know that the Muslim fascists love their religious icons BAGHDAD, Iraq — Suicide bombers killed 65 worshippers at two Shiite mosques near the Iranian border Friday, while two car bombs targeted a Baghdad hotel housing foreign journalists and killed eight Iraqis. The suicide attackers targeted the Sheik Murad mosque and the Khanaqin Grand […]

Treason Lobby Making It’s Moves

Really, the Democratic Party is simply amazing. What with the calls for a time table for leaving Iraq (which replaces their worn out "exit strategy" calls), the calls for investigations on pre war intelligence, and Murtha’s call to cut and run immediately, they have effectively become shills for the enemy. More and more they want […]

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