Treason Lobby Making It’s Moves

Really, the Democratic Party is simply amazing. What with the calls for a time table for leaving Iraq (which replaces their worn out "exit strategy" calls), the calls for investigations on pre war intelligence, and Murtha’s call to cut and run immediately, they have effectively become shills for the enemy. More and more they want to relieve the Vietnam war, where they Democratic Congress forced the USA to pull it’s troops from SE Asia. Of course, I am sure that they do not feel any blame for the millions slaughtered by the Communist forces in Vietnam or by Pol Pot, among others.

How did it come to this? Are the Democrats so shallow that they would sacrifice the prestige and power of the United States in their quest for power? Do they want the US military to be in a post war funk like it was after Vietnam? Would they really want to abandon Iraq, leaving it open to Al Queda and other Wahhabi terrorist groups, to possible civil war, and to Iran? Is that what they call Patriotism, to call for the surrender of ones own country?

Well, it isn’t patriotism in my book. These Surrender-Dems are an embarrassment. We aren’t discussing taxation or health care. We are discussing America at War. A shooting war. Iraq is part and parcel of a long term strategy against international and Middle Eastern terrorism, whether the Left likes it or not. All the Left is doing is emboldening the enemy, just like they did during Vietnam.

Now, they are welcome to speak their minds. That is their Right. And it is my Right to call them what they are: Traitors.

Update: let me add a little bit to this, from Tammy Bruce, who puts it more civily then moi (Via Right Wing News)

I don’t think September 11th is a vague memory for anyone. And when I’m asked by reporters (which I am often) of whether or not the accusations that the president "lied" to go to war are gaining traction, I note that it’s been the same accusation lobbed by the Dems for 18 months+ now, and is a smear that is obviously not sticking. After all, if you throw a noodle on the fridge to see if it’s done, and it keeps sliding off, throwing it over and over again isn’t going to change the fact that it’s not going to work. The smear in this instance not only is an insult to the president, but to all of us. It also sends a message to the enemy–that half of the leadership of this nation have a vested interest in us losing this war because they are controlled by a sickness which makes them believe them they can only win when bad things to happen to this nation.


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26 Responses to “Treason Lobby Making It’s Moves”

  1. phil says:

    I’m trying to calculate how much actual damage is inflicted when called a traitor by a dimwitted asshole.

    News Item: Cheney calls 57% of Americans “Dishonest and Reprehensible”

    An increasingly desperate Bush Administration this week continued to ratchet up its rhetoric against the 57% of Americans who disagree with Administration views on the use (or misuse) of pre-war intelligence to justify the invasion of Iraq and the 63% of Americans who disagree with the manner in which the Administration is conducting war operations in Iraq.

    On Friday, and again on Monday as he fled for Asia, Bush called those who accused him of manipulating pre-war intelligence “deeply irresponsible.” On Thursday Vice President Cheney emerged from his bunker to label those who disagreed with his views as “dishonest and reprehensible” and further accused them of “cynical and pernicious falsehoods.”

    Latest polls show Bush’s approval rating among Americans to be 34%. Cheney’s approval rating hovers at an abysmal 19%. More importantly, polls this week show that 57% of Americans believe that Bush and Cheney deliberately misused pre-war intelligence to justify the Iraq invasion, 63% think that Bush is mismanaging the war effort, and that these percentages are continuing to increase.

    At this point it is not clear what effect Bush and Cheney calling 57% of Americans “irresponsible, reprehensible and dishonest” will have on their approval ratings.

    White House sources have suggested that if lashing out against the clear majority of Americans who disagree with them on Iraq does not move public opinion back in their favor they may be open to bolder initiatives. They are said to be considering reacting to the 89% of Americans polled who consider Cheney the “human embodiment of evil” by having Cheney call them “witless troglodytes.” Karl Rove is rumored to have suggested an even stronger reaction to the 78% of Americans polled who consider Bush to be an “amiable dunce,” having Bush refer to them as “pustulent whores.”

    In an increasingly bad sign for the Republicans, 67% of Americans polled responded that they viewed Pat Robertson as the “sole voice of reason” in the Republican Party, though those polling numbers were taken prior to Robertson calling for his close friend God to assassinate the President of Venezuela and for the destruction of the town of Dover, PA.

    Asked to comment on these recent developments Bush, in South Korea for a photo op with a chicken, would not respond. Later Bush is set to give a policy speech on North Korea’s nuclear weapons capability, speaking under a banner reading “Fission Accomplished.” Bush will return to the US on Saturday.

  2. zen_less says:

    Really, the “enemy” (defined variously, I presume, as “anyone against us”) is getting all the emboldenment (if such a word exists) it/they need(s) from the President. Really, he’s the best ally Al-Quaeda, the Baathists, Al Zaqhiri, and whoever else is against us (the list grows everyday) have. They don’t want the US to leave Iraq, either. Due to Bush’s incompetence, mendacity and messanic delusions, their recruitment, funding and international stature are all up up up! Oh, but I guess that makes me a traitor for saying this, huh?

  3. madmatt says:

    Wake up and realize that you were lied to by people you trusted, you lash out at democrats because they were more aware of what was going on than you and your feeble minded, pap-fed comrades were. As for prestige of the us? we lost that at Abud Ghraib and became a Saddam surrogate for the people of Iraq.

  4. Fred says:

    Don’t you ever get tired of trying to convince people that shit smells like a rose?

  5. sgt. traitor says:

    Nice comments on Murtha. You do realize that after 37 years in the Corps, several of those years spent incountry in Vietnam, he’s probably still in shape to kick the lovin’ shit out of you if you called him a traitor to his face? And you’d deserve it, too. Better to just stay in your mother’s basement and post your feeble opinions on the blogosphere where he can’t reach you.

  6. tommo says:

    Why are the Iraqi people “the enemy”?

    Those of us against this war “call for the surrender of ones own country?” Are you a wingnut?

    I bet you are “religious”, that would help explain why you either do not have the guts or the intelligence to question, and then analyze the nonsense coming from your “Beloved Leader”.

  7. bob lewis says:

    1. If you’re so freakin’ patriotic, go down to your fucking enlistment office and join up.

    2.l Your relentlessly instransigent ignorance of the Viet Nam War and especially Cambodia is par for the neocon course; if you want to find out how the Killing Fields happened, see Shawcross’s book: the Cambodian holocaust was courtesy of Nixon and Kissinger.

    3. If you want to talk about embarassing, let’s talk about the gang of draft dodging cowards running this freaking war. As Murtha points out, Mr. Tuff Guy Cheney and his 5 – count ’em 5 – deferments just loves to send poor kids to die in AWOL George’s war of choice.

  8. able mable says:

    Awww, another proud member of the 101st flying keyboarders brigade reporting for duty.

    Hey, guy, if this war is so important why aren’t you doing your patirotic duty? why are you over here instead of being over there?

  9. ed says:

    Do you have ANY idea how ignorant your rants appear when you toss apostrophes all over any word you THINK might require them? Homeskooled idiot!

  10. All I see in these comments is Left Wing nut jobs avoiding the central issue of why they want to surrender. Lots of deflections, Loon wing talking points, and ad hominum attacks.

  11. John Dillinger says:

    To the clueless: Murtha speaks for the military on this. You don’t honestly think he said this without checking with his many contacts, do you? The military wants out because they can’t win. The only ones who want them to stay are those that put their politics ahead of the interests of this country. How brave of them to ask others to stay and fight for a cause for which they refuse to volunteer?

  12. Randy says:

    Hey William Teach, surrendering is something you do when you’re losing a war. The war to invade Iraq took about a week. We won that war, no problem. Iraq had an army weakened by 10+ years of occupation, no airforce and certainly no weapons of mass destruction. Remember Bush’s “mission accomplished” speach? Ending an occupation is another thing all together. All occupations end eventually. Staying the course will mean more of the same for as long as we choose to be the occupiers.

    All I see in these comments is Left Wing nut jobs avoiding the central issue of why they want to surrender.Lots of deflections, Loon wing talking points, and ad hominum attacks. That’s priceless. Do you have any sense of irony at all?

  13. Not As Crazy As You says:

    The reason you don’t see any comments about “Why we want to surrender” is because it’s not surrender. What the hell do we have to win by staying anyway? Iraq is a shithole. When we leave, all of those insurgent/terrorist groups will simply start fighting each other for control of the country, as they are already. Terrorism will still be a way of life in Iraq, but Americans will no longer be the targets, and we won’t be wasting billions upon billions of dollars in a futile attempt to prop up a powerless government. When you’re caught in a cross-fire, it’s not surrendering if you simply get out of the way. Why should Americans take bullets for Iraqis, anyway? But if you want to fight the good fight against all odds, go right ahead. You may find things don’t always turn out the way they do in the movies.

  14. Ed says:

    Maybe you should read a little history before making a fool of yourself. First, Cambodia was pulled into the war by Nixon/Kissinger supporting a miltary coup against a neutral monarchy because we didn’t like that the Cambodians weren’t actively trying to stop the VietCong from operating along the border. The Khmer Rouge had absolutely no support before the coup. Pol Pot’s rise to power was a direct consequence of our own actions.

    Second, there also was no post-war bloodbath in Vietnam. Imprisonments yes, but no bloodbath. Yes, we should support democracy movements but we can’t impose it. I’m pretty damn sure that the vast majority of Vietnamese are happier than if the civil war was continued. You know, those people were downright selfish, they didn’t seem to like their country occupied and their people killed for idealogy. They tended to want to practice self-determination. Remind you of anything?

  15. tgibbs says:

    After all of the years, lives, and dollars that we spent in Viet Nam, we never managed to build a South Vietnamese government that could defend itself without continuing input of American lives and dollars. Yet there are still those who swear that the light at the end of the tunnel was coming closer.

    The true lesson of Viet Nam is that all of those American lives and dollars were expended because the American public was convinced that there was an imminent risk of a Communist takeover throughout Southeast Asia. Yet when Viet Nam was lost, not only did the dominoes not fall as we were warned, but they fell the other way. Now, once again, we have blundered into a war based upon a false perception of an imminent threat and false predictions of rapid victory. And we are once again hearing that victory is around the corner, yet always in the indefinite future. Without a deadline for withdrawal, the war will inevitably drag on and on. If we cannot establish a stable government in Iraq within a reasonable time frame–say a year–then it is simply not going to happen, and it will be time to admit that the war was a mistake from the beginning, and resign ourselves to dealing with the consequences of our blunder.

  16. Lars Gruber says:

    To the Republicowards in the room,

    We wouldn’t want bush boy to do anything evil, like make a plan…

    All of his previous plans involved his daddy bailing him out. No matter how far you go down the timeline of bush boy’s not-so-illlustrious life, daddy’s money (and therefore, saudi money) was there to get him out of his self-imposed trouble.

    To all those red-baiters who want to label liberals with ‘surrender’. I have one for you… and that is ‘coward’. You are cowards… chicken boy cowards. Anyone who advocates a war that they themselves do anything to participate in, is a coward.

    If you are as brave as your words, and you support occupying Iraq, go join up. They really do need you. They’ll give you a gun, a unreinforced hummer, and you can drive around fallouja receiving candy and flowers. If you don’t join up, you are a coward

    Bush boy’s 4 year 911 grace period is up. The American people want to know why so much time was wasted. Why there has been no justice for 911. His lies have caught up with him and now there is a (belated) price to pay for screwing up so badly.

    Move over, it’s time for the grown-ups to take the wheel.

    bok bok Chicken Hawks

  17. Lars Gruber says:

    excuse me….

    Anyone who advocates a war that they themselves do anything to NOT participate in, is a coward.

  18. Yup, still see lots of Left wing Surrender Monkeys.

  19. The Raven says:


    Sounds awful, doesn’t it? Gives you the impression of proud, noble GIs waving the white flag and kneeling with their hands behind their heads, crying for mercy.

    Well, dang, nobody wants that, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about finally wising up and letting the Iraqis run their own country. This lil’ exercise in nation building looks to be a fiasco. Throwing good money after bad, throwing more lives into the meat grinder, wasting more of our precious resources on a fool’s errand is just plain stupid. It’s fucking stupid!

    We do, however, have some real threats to our country – problems like North Korea, aliens strolling across our southern border, things we should be focused on. Iraq is a fiasco. We’re outta there!

  20. vaporland says:

    “More and more they want to relieve the Vietnam war”

    uhh, perhaps you think they want to RELIVE (live over again) not RELEIVE (provide relief from) the Vietnam war.

  21. tigger says:

    Ya know, bin Laden managed to take down the Soviet army and run the Soviet Union out of money in Afghanistan. Did you ever think a similar strategy might be working in Iraq?

    I know it’s really fun to call the “left”, whoever they are, traitors, but hey, if this is so important to you, GET OVER THERE! Go enlist your ass already and get out their and fight. I’m tired of you chickenhawks.

  22. Y’all are wasting your time. Our host is a Communications Specialist who can’t write for shit and his favorite author is Robert Heinlein. Fascism is probably a little too soft and cuddly for his liking.

    As for surrendering, Bush did that when we pulled out of Saudi Arabia and let the real spreader of nuclear WMDs off the hook in Pakistan. Staying the course is just more time for Bush to empty the US treasury to his cronies.

  23. Craig says:

    “they have effectively become shills for the enemy.”

    No, you’re a shill for anti-American values, supporting the repression of free speech.

    “Are the Democrats so shallow that they would sacrifice the prestige and power of the United States in their quest for power?”

    You want to buy ‘power and prestige’ with blood? What could be more evil, little man?

    Our greatness does not come from abusing power. Abusing power is the act of little men.

  24. John O says:

    Not one response from these little chickenhawks about why they’re HERE not THERE. They’re the kind who talks big but goes crying home to mommy when really challenged. One more time, as simply as possible:

    If you’re so damn supportive of the war, then enlist and stop being a chickenhawk like Cheney, Bush, Rove, Limbaugh, and the rest. In fact, did any of those administration pukes or their shills ever volunteer to fight? Or are they just willing to fight to the last drop of other people’s blood?

  25. Laney says:

    Support our troops. Kill another thousand of them next year. Right.

  26. the_truth says:

    “Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.” –President Bush

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