Daily Archives: November 4, 2005

How Could I Miss This?

Be ye warned! There’s a pirate ship headed for the high seas. When the Volvo Ocean Race starts Nov. 12 from Vigo, Spain, the sloop with the skull and crossed cutlasses on the sails will stand out from the rest of the fleet. The Black Pearl. Although this Black Pearl won’t slip mysteriously out of […]

Fatwa, Anyone?

Interesting. On my post "Looking for a Fatwa," I got this comment by kamal, email address [email protected]: zabi a zwalam alihid atfo a3la amkom alla izanzalkom sofa nara fikom yaoman Huh? If you are trying to threaten me, please do it in a language I can read.

Eminent Domain: Good People and Weasels

Well, this is a good start: WASHINGTON – Conservative defenders of private property and liberal protectors of the poor joined in an overwhelming House vote to prevent local and state governments from seizing homes and businesses for use in economic development projects. The House legislation, passed 376-38, was in response to a widely criticized 5-4 […]

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