Daily Archives: November 3, 2005

How Are Our Buddies Ze French Doing?

Well, aw haw haw haw (closest I can get in writing a French accent), they are still having some, well, issues: LE BLANC-MESNIL, France (Reuters) – Young rioters set fire to at least 50 vehicles in an eighth night of unrest in the impoverished suburbs of northeastern Paris as exasperated local officials criticized politicking by […]

ACLU Gets Reproductive

When it comes to the abortion debate, it is not one I generally get involved in(which I have mentioned before, though too lazy this am to look it up.) It is an issue that folks are often forced into, though. And let me lay it right out: I do believe in some limited abortion rights. […]

Our French Buddies Did What?

That supposed "moral" leg the French are trying to stand on keeps getting shorter: PARIS – French troops in Ivory Coast suffocated a prisoner, and commanders knew of the killing but did not report it to their superiors, the Defense Ministry said Wednesday. The prisoner, Firmin Mahe, "was killed by suffocation by French soldiers in […]

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