ACLU Gets Reproductive

When it comes to the abortion debate, it is not one I generally get involved in(which I have mentioned before, though too lazy this am to look it up.) It is an issue that folks are often forced into, though. And let me lay it right out: I do believe in some limited abortion rights. I could spend hours explaining the why’s and how’s and what’s, but that is not my purpose today, other then to say that there are times where, no matter how distasteful, it is necessary. And, I have 3 issues regarding abortion.

But, like I said before, how did abortion become the number one issue for the Democratic Party? And, for the ACLU? My battered copy of the Constitution doesn’t include anything regarding the Right to Abortion. Or, as it is often called, "choice," which is just a way to couch breaking a babies skull, sucking its brains, out, then removing the rest and throwing it in a waste bin. No wonder they do not like to say or write the word "abortion."

And, now, the ACLU, on their front page (and the full insanity here) is calling it reproductive health, reproductive rights, and reproductive freedom. People are more then welcome to reproduce. It is when the decide to terminate the pregnancy willy nilly that the problems occur. Or, to put it bluntly, to kill the unborn child. This is where one of my 3 issues with abortion come into play. Women use abortion as an alternative birth control method. That, I have a problem with. But the ACLU, again couching abortion in oh-so-nice terms, thinks that this is just dandy.

Well, it isn’t. And it isn’t a Constitutional Right. Abortion (come on, ACLU, say it!) is something for the Legislatures of the States. You know, that whole Article X thing.

What are my two other issues with abortion? They are late term abortion (say it!) and parental notification. I stand 100% against the ACLU on this. Why is it that a child’s (that being a anyone under 18) parents have to be notified if the kid gets busted for drinking in public, yet the parents wouldn’t be notified if a child wants to terminate a pregnancy? For one thing, it means that statutory rape laws were violated, in most cases, depending on the age of consent. For a second, the parents are still legally responsible and the guardians of the child. Yet the ACLU wants to withhold this information from the parents. Poppycock! Except in the case where the girls father is the babies father.

The other is late term abortions. The ACLU thinks this is plain OK, too. Don’t want that large thing growing in your belly? It would all of sudden be an inconvenience? Kill it. Take it out and throw it in the dumpster. Well, that is wrong, immoral, self indulgent, disingenuous, and so on. Sure, if the mother’s life is at serious risk, a case can be made. But not just for the hell of it, as the ACLU wants.

Hell, the ACLU wants you and me to fund abortions for the poor. It is time to stop these completely out of touch people. Protecting Constitutional Rights should be a good thing. The ACLU, though, is a self deluded organization that creates Rights out of thin air.

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3 Responses to “ACLU Gets Reproductive”

  1. JulieB says:

    Teach – – answered your questions about that in my comments.
    I must say tho, try not to minimize the extremely difficult decision about abortion. Trust me on this, it is heart breaking and mentally wrenching no matter how or when the decision is made. A late term abortion is rarely decided upon except to save the mother’s life, making it illegal can cost lives, not save them. My friend lost her life and it did not save the life of her child. Her husband and two remaining young children grieve for her.

  2. Well, JulieB, I will not disagree with you regarding Late term, but the only time they should be allowed is to save the mothers life. Otherwise, forget it.

    I just think that too often abortion is looked at as a “birth control” method. It often is just a decision along the lines of “what color should I paint the spare bedroom?”

  3. Late term abortions are a truly rare procedure. Here’s some relevant stats
    Ron Fitzsimmons, executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, estimated (Nightline program, 1997-FEB-26) a total of 3,000 to 4,000 annually in the US — about ten a day.
    bullet Pro-life groups uncovered an internal memo by Planned Parenthood which estimated that up to 60 (0.24%) of the more than 25,000 abortions performed annually in Virginia were D&Xs. 1 If this figure is accurate nationally, then there would be up to 2,880 D&X procedures per year in the U.S.

    It’s also a pretty horrific procedure which is why the pro life movement has focused on it. Let’s be clear the pro life movement wants everyone to think that thousands of these procedures are done every day. That’s just not true. Many of these procedures are being done to save the mother’s life, which is why it’s so rare. The idea that there are hundreds of thousands of women getting this done every day on a whim just doesn’t track with reality.

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