Miss Beth’s 2005 Bad Blogs Awards

MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is taking nominations for the 2005 Bad Blogs Awards. The Categories are:

  • Worst email spamming link whore
  • Worst comment link-dropping link whore
  • Worst troll (must have their own blog; no non-blogging trolls)
  • Worst spelling and/or grammar (must have their own blog; not non-blogging commenters)
  • Most self-worshipping blogger
  • Blogger who takes him/herself MUCH too seriously
  • Worst “blog fight” of the year
  • Blogger who picks the most fights with other bloggers
  • Worst Post of the Year
  • Worst Right-wing Blog
  • Worst Left-wing Blog
  • Worst Center/Libertarian Blog
  • Most Overrated Blog
  • Worst Blog Design/Template

Because there is absolutely no interesting news out there, not even odd news, I’ll write this here, rather then in the comments.

Most serious: La Shawn Barber
Self worshipping: La Shawn
Worst Blog Fight: tie between Basil/Sortapundit (which Ogre ranked, and said I won) and Steal the Bandwagon vs. La Shawn (Jody kicked her snooty ass!)
Blogger who picks the most fights: la Shawn
Worst Right Wing: La Shawn. Doesn’t seem all that RW to me.
Worst LW: Atrios. How many "open threads" can there be a day? Why not go to an f’ing forum instead? Blogging is about information and thought, preferably the bloggers.
Most overrated: Kosbat. Silly crap, looks to be mostly about raising money, little analysis other then "Bush sucks!" and "I hate." At least Glenn R posts other people’s analysis, and his own now and then.
Worst Post: that Carnival of the Vanities by Dr. Zen.
Worst Blog Design: anyone using that black Blogger template. Wow, hard to read.

I declare La Shawn the overall winner of the 2005 Bad Blogs Awards. She shouldn’t have fucked with Jody!(starting here)

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5 Responses to “Miss Beth’s 2005 Bad Blogs Awards”

  1. Beth says:

    HA! I’m glad SOMEONE’S actually playing along!

    But I LIKED basil & Sortapundit’s “blog fight!” What I don’t like: De-linkings, like Hundred-Percenter and others. Some others: Cheese & Crackers vs. a 14 year-old kid (in which unsurprisingly, Hundred Percenter stuck his nose), etc. etc. etc.

    I *almost* feel bad for LB because she’s the only one people are openly slamming, when there are others who definitely need it. I’m sure you can guess some of the categories. 😉

  2. I had forgotten about those 2 other wars. I had email and comment words with both cheese and crackers and THP

  3. Janette says:

    Ooh I had forgotten the Cheese and Crackers thing. That was nasty and I admit I delinked him though I don’t think I made a public fuss over it. It’s also the reason I won’t read or link his Weather blog even though it seemed like a decent resource during the hurricanes.

  4. Jody says:

    You ROCK, Teach. Thanks for totally making my day. 😉

  5. Your welcome, Jody. She should not have messed with you. Period.

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