Laughriot Nuttiness at the DU

Now, y’all know I have been ignoring the wacko’s at sites such as the DU, Daily Kosbat, Media Matters, etc, for a couple months now. But, just a little spot check, and come up with this gem:

I’ve been posting on DU for a couple of months now, and I figured I’d formally introduce my site by posting the full text of the ‘About’ section. DU is a tremendous political resource, a massive think-tank and news service and social networking tool rolled into one. When I launched Pre$$titutes, one of my hopes was that DU members would find it a worthy successor to Media Whores Online. I worry that many Democrats are so preoccupied with the vicious blatherings of Rush and Coulter and Hannity, that they overlook the greater danger posed by ‘trusted’ mainstream reporters who enable those hate-spewers by echoing their talking points. Pre$$titutes like Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews, Dana Milbank, Bill Schneider, Tim Russert and their ilk betray America by abusing their position of trust to deceive the public. So here goes..

This guy actually thinks that Chris Matthews is on the GOP side, as well as CNN. How far to the Left does one have to be to think that? I’ll let the DU as Think Tank comment stand on it’s own.

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One Response to “Laughriot Nuttiness at the DU”

  1. Ogre says:

    You must have an iron stomach. I don’t know how you can even go over and read that still without getting physically ill.

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