France: We Are Almost Ready to Surrender

God Almighty, how dumb can the French be?

PARIS – France will impose curfews under a state-of-emergency law and call up police reservists to stop rioting that has spread out of Paris’ suburbs and into nearly 300 cities and towns across the country, the prime minister said Monday, calling a return to order "our No. 1 responsibility."


Asked on TF1 television whether the army should be brought in, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin said, "We are not at that point."

Certainly, bringing out the army would be drastic, but tonight is the 12th night of the riots, and they are continuing to get worse, and spread out across France. However, I am sure that not using the army is sure to lead to France’s surrender quicker. Skipping the Triple Dare, and going right for the throat with the Triple Dog Dare.

Fox News is also reporting rioting in Germany now, though no on line story as of yet.

Update: Germany:

Berlin – Five cars were set on fire in a poor district of the German capital on Monday and police said they were trying to determine if there was any connection with the wave of violence sweeping France.

The cars were burned in five separate streets in Berlin’s Moabit district, a poor region with a high number of foreigners a few kilometres from the central government district.

The police say that there is no evidence to say this is linked to France. We will see.

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3 Responses to “France: We Are Almost Ready to Surrender”

  1. Miguel says:

    The huge european intifada is comming. Already starting. Let’s brace for it.

  2. Billy Budd says:

    Funny if it weren’t so sad. I don’t wish muslim terrorist on anyone….even the froggies

  3. Ogre says:

    I read that last news quote, and I swear it said, “Berlin’s Moonbat district.”

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