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Who’s Up For UN Climate Talks That Have A “Toxic Background” Of Sexual Harassment?

Yes, it is that time of the year where over ten thousand members of the Cult of Climastrology will take long fossil fueled trips to a fun vacation spot, where they’ll dine on great food, see some great sites, and work towards enacting bigger taxes, bigger fees, bigger government, and more and more control over […]

UN Wants Businesses, Individuals To Take The Carbon Neutral Pledge (and buy UN carbon offsets)

Brought to you by people who take long fossil fueled trips many times a year to attend conferences that complain about Other People taking fossil fueled trips, and refuse to reduce their own carbon footprints (Innovators Magazine) Businesses and individuals are being urged to join a UN initiative and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The United Nations […]

Trump Will Be Pushing For Reform And America First At United Nations

Realistically, the only way to reform the United Nations is to disband the body and start over, but, we know that won’t happen (The Hill) The Trump administration on Sunday emphasized reform will be on the agenda when President Trump heads to the United Nations for the first time this week. Senior level officials previewed […]

Having Solved All The World’s Problems, United Nations Takes On Cultural Appropriation

On one hand, Leftists yammer on about diversity and multiculturalism and coming together and stuff. On the other hand, they have meltdowns over “cultural appropriation.” We get freakouts over certain women wearing braids in their hair, big hoop earings, twerk (really, no woman should twerk. Seems rather degrading in my mind, but, I’m probably a […]

U.N. Claims Repealing Obamacare Violates International Law Or Something

From the same body that has just placed Saudi Arabia on the Women’s Rights Council, and has featured numerous human rights offenders on the Human Rights Council. The same body that has consistently excused the terrorism from Palestinians against Israel, and typically takes the side of hardcore Islamist regimes, such as Iran over Israel. Which […]

Report: Many UN Sustainable Development Goals Have No Pathways To Success

Supporters of the United Nations and Progressive goal were thrilled when the UN released their Sustainable Development Goals, which are kind of about everything READ NOW: The Archbishop of Canterbury welcomes UN #GlobalGoals for sustainable development. — The Global Goals (@TheGlobalGoals) September 26, 2015 These replace the Millennium Development Goals, which, unsurprisingly, failed, […]

United Nations Is Totally Psyched To Push For Internet Censorship

Is it any surprise that a body full of full on dictators and hardcore Progressives (nice fascists) would be thrilled with Internet censorship? The question, though, is “what do they want to censor?” (Breitbart) So, what sort of content does the UN want to censor? ISIS recruitment videos, perhaps, which lure women into lives of […]

Schoolkids Trudge Through Snow To Hear Pharrell Yammer About “Climate Change”

How perfect. Of course, CBS News failed to see the irony, because, of course, snow, especially snow on the first day of spring, is now being blamed on too much heat About 1,200 middle school children trudged through the latest snow storm to the United Nations General Assembly on Friday evening to hear hip hop […]

UN Demands Global Taxes For Hotcoldwetdry

Um, surprise? (Breitbart) The UN has never met a problem it couldn’t tackle without calling for a new tax. Over-dependence on fossil fuel? There’s a tax for that. Inequitable distribution of global wealth? There’s a tax for that. Climbing obesity rates due to our fondness for junk food? There’s tax for that, too. Now the […]

Bummer: We’re Totally Like The Last Generation That Can Solve Hotcoldwetdry

And who should handle it? The United Nations, of course, per UN General Weasel Ban Ki Moon. Even though they have quite a bit on their plate We are the last generation that can fight climate change. We have a duty to act This year the UN marks its 70th anniversary. Sadly, there is little […]

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