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NY Times Spins Wheel, Finds Something New To Be Outraged At Trump: Guantanamo Bay

Perhaps the NY Times Editorial Board has become bored with all their other Outrage material. So, they sat around and brainstormed with some martinis and came up with this and a cute graphic It's like they spun a Wheel Of Outrage or something — William Teach (@WilliamTeach) January 17, 2018 From the link Even […]

Surprise: Many In 1st World Do Not Care About Trump’s “Sh*thole” Remark

First off, the “shithole” remark is basically a he said/she said thing. Many claim Trump said it, many said he didn’t. And, really, the more the media and Democrats run with this, the chance for some sort of fix for the Dreamers keeps going down. But, what about around the rest of the 1st world? […]

Trump Calls Some Nations “Sh*tholes”: Isn’t That Why People Leave And Come To The U.S.A. Legally And Illegally?

This is the Media Freakout Of The Day, which will probably last at least through the weekend Trump attacks protections for immigrants from ‘shithole’ countries in Oval Office meeting President Trump grew frustrated with lawmakers Thursday in the Oval Office when they discussed protecting immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as part of […]

Walmart To Raise Starting Wage To $11 Due To GOP Tax Law

Man, that GOP/Trump tax cuts for the rich bill just keeps giving the rich more money Walmart to raise its starting wage to $11, give some employees bonuses following tax bill passage Walmart’s employees will soon reap the benefits of the recent tax law changes, as the company raises its starting wage and distributes bonuses […]

NY Times: Other Border Measures Would Be Cut To Help Pay For Wall

Every once in a while, hardcore Progressive #Resist sites like the NY Times will commit random acts of journalism. Even if the main point is about attempting to slam President Trump, because that is first and foremost in every article, it seems, and really belongs in the opinion section. In this case, though, they’re actually […]

Good News: Trump To Finally Visit California

Lots of Democrats have had a sad that Trump hasn’t visited their People’s Republik since he took office, because that would make the crazy #resist nutter moonbats go apeshit with his visit, and we know how they like to be Outraged. Trump’s War on California must be stopped, and the best way is to reject […]

Responsible Journalism: Trump’s Physical Won’t Tell Us About His Mental Fitness Or Something

The Russian collusion thing hasn’t actually gone anywhere further than talking points, and, after over a year of yammering, hasn’t actually proven any collusion. None of the other things have worked, either, so Democrats are going back to one of their standards for when there is a Republican president: that he has mental issues. This […]

Trump Lays Out Detailed Plan For Border Wall, Other Border Security

Remember Mr. Obama’s version of a plan? Yeah, a sticky note with almost no detail behind it. What about Mr. Trump’s version of a plan? Trump seeks $18 billion from lawmakers for border wall The Trump administration has told lawmakers that it wants $18 billion over the next decade for the initial phase of a […]

Washington Post Decides Supporting Trump On Iran Protests Is A Good Idea

The NY Times’ Philip Gordon argued the other day that Trump should stay out of the Iran protests. Obama luminaries such as John Kerry, Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power have taken shots at Trump and/or said to stay out. The Washington Post’s Michael Singh recommends support for the protesters from Washington. And then […]

NY Times: Trump Shouldn’t Stand Up For The Iranian Protesters

Leave it to the NY Times, as written by Philip Gordon, to recommend that Trump keep quiet on the latest Iranian protests, because 1) the Times has Trump Derangement Syndrome, and 2) because Obama was a complete failure during the Iranian Green Uprising and the Arab Spring, and they don’t want Trump to make Obama […]

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