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Is Trump Backing Off Of Promise To Leave Paris Climate Agreement?

Throughout the campaign, Trump and his advisors promised to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate agreement time and time again. Were were told he would “cancel it” and “rip it up”, among others. At the end of January, his advisors were promising that he was going to do this “within days.” That hasn’t […]

Trump Announces The “America First” Budget

Regardless of whether you think Trump is taking a cleaver or a scalpel to the federal budget and federal programs, this is something that hasn’t been seen since the days of Reagan, and perhaps not even then. It is a massive expression of how Trump wants to deconstruct government Donald Trump Budget Slashes Funds for […]

Trump Looks To Do Away With “Social Cost Of Carbon” In Federal Government

As Trump is staffing EPA with lots of climate skeptics, including many aides to Senator Jim Inhofe, a longtime foe of the idiocy of the ‘climate change’ movement, he’s also, supposedly, looking to release orders to make changes to the government involvement in ‘climate change’ (Washington Post) President Trump could issue a sweeping executive order […]

Suddenly, Trump Reading From A Teleprompter Is A Bad Thing

For eight years, we were treated to the Greatest Orator Ever!!!!! speaking from a teleprompter. Conservatives even came up with a name for Obama’s teleprompter: TOTUS. Teleprompter Of The United States. And discussed TOTUS as if it were alive. There were lots of jokes about this, most in jest, some nasty. Because, when it came […]

Trump’s Joint Address Played Pretty Darned Well With Viewers

Within the liberal media there is quite a bit of vexation over Trump’s speech, which was pretty darned good. It leads to the typical headlines meant to take shots In speech to Congress, Trump aims to steady presidency after tumultuous start (Tumultuous!) Any minute now, Trump will ruin the good impression he just made Trump […]

This Is Fascism? Bannon Vows Trump Will “Deconstruct The Administrative State”

Even before Donald Trump was elected, people were referring to him as a fascist, an authoritarian, a dictator in waiting. Mind you, this wasn’t just coming from liberals and the liberal media: it also emanated from some right leaning folks, such as Glenn Beck. Since Trump was elected, the screeching has become stronger from the […]

Trump, A Critic Of Obama Playing Golf, Plays Golf Or Something

We now have the first official Credentialed Media complaint of Trump playing golf because he noted Obama playing golf. This is yet another reason why we say the media has an agenda Trump, a frequent critic of Obama’s golfing, played 18 holes Sunday with Rory MclIroy President Trump, who pledged as candidate to limit his […]

Trump Is Supposedly Ready To Kill Off Obama ‘Climate” And Water Regulations

Trump made many promises on rolling back may Obama regulations regarding ‘climate change’ and that stymie domestic energy production. Washington Post writers Juliet Eilperin and Steve Mufson trot out a story based on discussions with, you got it, anonymous sources on what these roll-backs will be, which seem rather legit. Though, of course, painted with […]

Report: Trump To Sign EO’s That Will Make EPA Warmists Cry

We shouldn’t forget that there have already been reports of EPA bureaweenies getting weepy twice. Third time’s the charm (The Hill) President Trump aims to sign executive orders cutting into the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) climate work shortly after his nominee to lead the agency is confirmed by the Senate, according to a report. Trump […]

Horror! Trump Blows Off Tradition, Refuses To Fill Out March Madness Bracket!

How dare he! (Washington Post) It appears that President Trump is passing on March Madness. He will not continue his predecessor’s annual tradition of filling out an NCAA tournament bracket on ESPN. The network reached out to Trump’s staff and invited the president to fill out a bracket on-camera, just as President Barack Obama had […]

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