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The NY Times Apparently Is Good With Gay Bashing If They Can Smear Trump

When will the NY Times denounce the NY Times opinion pages? (via Twitchy) In this episode of Trump Bites, Donald Trump’s not-so-secret admiration for Vladimir Putin plays out in a teenager’s bedroom, where the fantasies of this forbidden romance come to life. — NYT Opinion (@nytopinion) July 16, 2018 And when will the […]

The Media, Online And Outraged: Trump Makes Being A D.C. Tour Guide A Tough Gig Or Something

Let’s jump back in time, all the way to April 5th, 2006, during the time of Bush Derangement Syndrome, a day the Washington Post published this article The Left, Online and Outraged In the angry life of Maryscott O’Connor, the rage begins as soon as she opens her eyes and realizes that her president is […]

New Hot ‘Climate Change’ Term: Climate Gentrification

Because, thanks to you driving the kids to soccer in your fossil fueled minivan and bringing them oranges from far away places, the poor will be forced from their homes Climate Change Will Force the Poor From Their Homes It’s no surprise that a list of places most at risk from climate change and sea-level […]

Hot Take: Brett Kavanaugh Could End Voting Rights!!!!!1!!!!

The same people who always claim to be the smartest people in the room sure seem like unhinged prophets of doom. Here’s Ari Berman in the NY Times Does Brett Kavanaugh Spell the End of Voting Rights? If he is confirmed to the Supreme Court, we will see the most extreme court on civil rights […]

Trump Picks Brett Kavanaugh For Supreme Court

And liberals explode. There are entirely too many hottest of hot takes to even link. Here’s a fun one Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, Is Probably the End of Abortion Rights and Same-Sex Marriage Uh huh. How about Brett Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court’s drastic shift to the right, cartoonsplained There was zero problem […]

Immigrant With PhD Rocked By Military “Discharge” Or Something

If you haven’t read the initial AP story which started this little hyperventilation by Credentialed Media folks who are so unbiased that they are actively looking for stories to Slam Trump, start here with this tweet-storm. Suffice to say, the unhinged, hyper-partisan headline AP NewsBreak: The U.S. Army has moved in recent weeks to discharge […]

TDS: Woman Blames Inability To Open Jars On Donald Trump

No, really My God, it's real. — Jeff B. (@EsotericCD) July 5, 2018 Good grief It was November 2016 and the only person I knew who believed Trump would win the US election was the owner of my gym. This was clearly a ridiculous prediction so, seeing the chance for some easy money, I […]

You’ll Never Guess What ICE Was Doing While Unhinged Leftists Protested

This is why Trump will win in 2020 WATCH: Democrats protest ICE while they bust a human trafficking — Wired Sources (@WiredSources) July 4, 2018 Via Twitchy, which notes “Pro-tip: If you’re gonna protest ICE, best not to do it while ICE is executing a search warrant in a human sex trafficking investigation:”  Yup. Probably […]

Petty BS: Wash Post Totally Worried About Who’s Playing At White House For 4th

No matter the day, TDS will rear its head, as we see in this silly “news” article by Helena Andrews-Dyer and Emily Heil The Fourth of July White House concert used to be a sea of stars. For Trump, it’s a drought. He could barely contain himself. Jimmy Fallon, then just a few months into […]

NY Times: July 4th Is A Great Day To Protest

Anyone who’s surprised by this kind of opinion piece being in the NY Times, raise your hand. No one? Here we have Holly Jackson, an associate professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston, who’s all into the typical SJW stuff, getting unhinged (no worries, the editorial board does their own schtick about America starting over […]

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