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Sore Loser Symphony: LA Times Features Another Impeachment Fantasy

The Moonbats just can’t help themselves. It really is time to see legitimate psychological help, as the LA Times allows another nutter, Barbara Radnofsky to delve into her insane sore loser fantasy The Founding Fathers provided us with a way out of troubled presidency — the direct, doable process of impeachment Many people see chaos […]

Gun Control From A Racist Point Of View

In Chicago, which has heavy restrictions on gun ownership for law abiding citizens, 8 were killed and 11 were wounded by gunshot. The majority, if not all, were Black. The majority of those involved in gun violence in Chicago are Black. It’s a sad state of affairs that this is occuring, but, then, this is […]

SNL Goes Misogynistic In Portrayal Of Kellyanne Conway As Pennywise

It’s certainly not the first time Saturday Night Live has portrayed Ms. Conway negatively over her looks, and probably won’t be the last. It’s a pattern with SNL, and other Leftist media outlets, to attack her in a manner that would have them screaming in Offendinitiss if this was against a Democratic woman, and perhaps […]

Trump Has Charted A Perilous Course On Iran Or Something

Is anyone surprised that the American news media would seemingly take Iran’s side when it comes to Obama’s Iran deal? It shouldn’t, because they’re also taking Mr. Obama’s side along with being in full Trump Derangement Syndrome. The NY Times is super excited to slam Trump, rather than the extremists in Iran who are still […]

Unhinged Hat Snatching Snowflake To Soon Get Special Lesson On Legal System

If you haven’t seen the amazing video of Special Snowflake Edith Macias taking the MAGA hat from Matthew Vitale’s head and then ranting on about this and that and the other, it should be watched. It’s an education in the mindset of the entitled Special Snowflakes who are Offended and demand that people have their […]

Good News: The Time For Polite Debate On Gun Banning Is Over

When was it ever polite? The gun grabbers have been screeching about gun control, ie, banning guns from the possession of Other People, for a long time, much in the way they have been screeching about making Free Speech one sided. CNBC gives a platform to Ron Insana, their senior analyst and commentator The time […]

After Vegas, The Gun Grabbers Are Out In Force

We have 58 dead and over 400 wounded. We do not know the why’s of the shooting. The bodies weren’t even at the morgue before the gun grabbers were pulling their normal schtick. You have insane people calling for automatic weapons to be banned (which they already are). And you can see more insanity covered […]

Moonbattery: Library Considers Dr. Seuss To Be “Racist Propaganda” ‘Cause Trump

A library in Massachusetts had a moonbat meltdown over the gift over some Dr. Seuss books. Why? Because they were given by Melania Trump ‘Racist propaganda’: Library rejects Melania Trump’s gift of Dr. Seuss books One of Melania Trump‘s favorite books is Dr. Seuss’s “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!,” which she read with her son, Barron, “over […]

Entitled Millionaire NFL Players Ask For SJW Month

And this is how you kill a sport by driving a large chunk of your fan base away Memo: NFL players ask Roger Goodell for support in racial equality campaign Current and former NFL players campaigning for racial equality and criminal justice reform wrote a lengthy memo to league commissioner Roger Goodell officially seeking overt league support […]

Hot Take: The Electoral College Is A National Security Threat Or Something

Usually, the saying is “never go full Salon.” Today it’s “never go full Politico”, as Matthew Olsen and Benjamin Hass (both Hillary supporters) lose their minds The Electoral College Is a National Security Threat In Federalist No. 68, his pseudonymous essay on “The Mode of Electing the President,” Alexander Hamilton wrote that the Electoral College […]

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