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You Just Knew Someone Had To Link Charlottesville And Climate Change, Right?

Seriously Quite possibly the hottest of hot takes on #Charlottesville @TwitchyTeam @tan123 — William Teach (@WilliamTeach) August 18, 2017 From the article What happened in Charlottesville, US, showed that temperatures and tempers are flaring in this long, hot summer. Is the Arab spring spreading worldwide due to global warming? (lots of yammering with all […]

NY Times: Trump Saying Racism Is Evil Is Only A Start Or Something

Newt Gingrich makes a salient point Trump said bigotry and violence are “un-American,” Gingrich said on “The Story with Martha MacCallum” Monday night. “But clearly there was a hunger for him to use the specific phrases about white supremacists and about the KKK and about Nazis. He came back today (Monday afternoon), he said every single […]

Washington Post Decides To Make Potential Civil War In Venezuela All About Trump

I remember an article, long long ago, somewhere in 2006, where a liberal nutjob suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome was profiled. She would wake up early, because life under George W. Bush was just too much to deal with, then grab a non-alcoholic beer, chain-smoke, and wonder “what she should scream about this day”. Should […]

Washington Post Decides To Write What Trump Should Have Said About Charlottesville

The Washington Post Editorial Board is in its normal snit fit mode, having decided to make the Charlottesville riot all about President Trump. Because #Resist. They’ve decided that what Trump said wasn’t presidential, so, they decided to create their own version of what a presidential president would say about the incident, because what Trump said […]

North Korea’s Demands Are As Reasonable As Democrat Party Impeachment Demands

North Korean nutjob leader Kim Jong Un has a few demands, which sound about as sane as Democrats demanding impeachment, demanding Trump resign, thinking that they can use the 25th Amendment, and thinking that Hillary will end up president (USA Today) North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is rushing to develop nuclear missiles that can […]

Washington Post Has Category 5 Meltdown Over Trump Staying Strong On North Korea

Perhaps they’d prefer the pajama boy, mom jeans, coddling and bowing version one typically saw from Barack Obama when it came to threats from foreign nations. Or, perhaps they’d approve of signing a deal that would simply push North Korea’s nuclear ambitions off for 10 years while giving them oodles of cash and access to […]

Eating Cheese Is Sexist Against Female Cows Or Something

This is real (via Twitchy) Eating cheese is sexist because only female cows produce milk. [woke intensifies] — Brooke Rogers 🌻 (@bkerogers) August 6, 2017 The original tweet from PETA is from August 4th, and leads to this article As feminists, we’re working to put more women in office and in corner offices. We […]

America’s Pre-schools Aren’t Gay Enough Or Something

This is the kind of thing people worry about when they have too much time on their hands, have a good place to live, good and plentiful food to eat, and good safety, along with people around them who not only do not tell them “you should keep some thoughts to yourself” because those thoughts […]

Cult Of Climastrology Decides To Tackle The Evilness Of Cats And Dogs

This isn’t actually new, Warmists have long had a bug up their bums when it comes to pets, but, like any good Warmist meme, they circle back around to it now and then (Daily Caller) Pet dogs and cats are only making global warming worse, according to a University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) study. […]

We Can Solve Hotcoldwetdry If Everyone Eats Beans Instead Of Meat

All Warmists are up for this, right? Right????? This will be an unpopular idea but if everyone ate beans instead of beef the U.S could almost meet climate goals. — James Hamblin (@jameshamblin) August 2, 2017 From the article Ecoanxiety is an emerging condition. Named in 2011, the American Psychological Association recently described it […]

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