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Dakota Access Protest: Nothing Says “We Love The Environment” Like Burning Things And Leaving Garbage

Then there’s the whole “protest peaceably” thing (via John Sexton) (AP) The last people remaining at a Dakota Access pipeline protest camp prayed and set fire to a handful of wooden structures on Wednesday, hours ahead of a deadline set by the Army Corps of Engineers to close the camp. Some of the praying protesters […]

Peaceful Leftists At UNC Promote Violence Against Trump Supporters

It’s an interesting dichotomy. Leftists always tell us how peaceful they are, how they abhor violence, that the solution is never violence. Then, you turn around, and they are committing violence, such as assault, arson, property destruction. Remember all the rapes and other crimes from Occupy Wall Street? All the riots since Trump was elected? […]

It’s Time To Topple The Patriarchy With Revolutionary Love Or Something

Another holiday, another day for Progressives to hijack it for something or other. This is what happens when people don’t have jobs and anything better to do Eve Ensler Wants To Topple The Patriarchy With ‘Revolutionary Love’ Sick and tired of roses and chocolates this Valentine’s Day? Eve Ensler and the One Billion Rising campaign […]

Democrats To Rely On Anger For Trump Era

Because Democrats have been so calm, cool, and collected so far, they want to make 2020 about anger Trump sets Democratic field ablaze with anger The price of entry for the 2020 presidential primary is ferocious opposition to the president. The Democratic base is so roiled and enraged after only two weeks of Donald Trump’s […]

Disgraceful: NY Times Attempts To Blame Trump For Yemen Raid Deaths

During the Obama regime’s eight years, there have been numerous occasions where US military personnel lost their lives, and foreign civilians were killed. There were more military deaths in Afghanistan under Obama than under Bush, after Obama did his surge. For the most part, the major news media outlets were silent on this all. There […]

California Secession Begin Gathering Signatures For 2018

Hey, if they want to do this, all power to them. But, if they are going to do it, they should allow for separating parts of the state for those who are want to remain part of the Union. Calexit backers can begin collecting signatures to qualify for 2018 ballot Backers of a proposed constitutional […]

Everybody Panic: Trump Has More Power To Quarantine People!

Today’s prognostication of doom has brought the Surrender Monkey back, as the NY Times’ Kyle Edwards, Wendy Parment, and Scott Burris hyperventilate Why the C.D.C.’s Power to Quarantine Should Worry Us The administration of Donald J. Trump has even more authority to detain people than the Obama administration had during the Ebola crisis. The Centers […]

Assassination Chic Popping Out On Twitter

Will these fantasies continue for at least the next four years? When you tune into the inauguration just to see if there's gonna be an assassination attempt. — dazaspaz (@dazaspaz) January 20, 2017 @Herring1967 I'm only watching in the hope of a live assassination. Haven't watched one since I gave up that side of […]

Washington Post: This Is The Most Ominous Inauguration In History!

The Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne, Jr. is continuing his Moonbat Meltdown This is the most ominous Inauguration Day in modern history Whether or not Trump is “legitimate,” he’s legitimately terrifying. Whether Dionne wrote the headline or subhead, or an editor did, either way, they’re utterly bat guano insane, and bear out in the actual article […]

Stand Back: Green Police At Work In Paris

That headline? It’s not hyperbole Paris vehicle pollution sticker scheme comes into force Police checks last week found only one in 50 vehicles stopped had sticker despite them being available since July Drivers in Paris must display an anti-pollution sticker in their vehicles or face fines in the latest attempt by the French authorities to […]

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