Obama Unshockingly Vetoes Keystone XL Pipleline Bill, And You Won’t Believe Why

It doesn’t get more ironic than this, and took some serious hutzpah (via Hot Air)

As Allahpundit notes

The bit about “circumventing longstanding processes” is a reference to the loooooooong State Department review — six years and counting — of whether Keystone, which would create more than 40,000 jobs during its construction, is in the “national interest.” That review is supposedly what’s being “cut short” by the bill on Obama’s desk. Although Sean Davis is right: In an era of unilateral presidential lawmaking, Congress attempting to set policy with bipartisan support (this one got 63 votes last month) itself qualifies as “circumventing longstanding processes.”

How many times has Obama stated that since Congress (you know, the body empowered by the Constitution to pass law, as opposed to the Executive Branch, Constitutionally empowered to enforce the law) wouldn’t act, he would? In this reverse case, Congress has every right to pass legislation such as this bill.

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Comment by Jeffery
2015-02-24 22:45:24

Congress has every right to pass legislation such as this bill.

And the President has every right to veto it.

Comment by news
2015-02-25 02:35:41

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on the soccer team. Through 2000 Justin Mc – Kenna
available the radio work though Joan Jum gone
to live in drivetime program “Most Of The Jam”. Most high goal polo ponies
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Comment by John
2015-02-25 09:35:56

Teach are you or are you not in favor of building a pipeline to a deep water port to export oil from North America? Go on record please.
Right now that dilute bitumen can only be sold to our Midwest refiners who buy it at a discounted price which effects the producers badly and consumers positively
Do you want to reward the Kochs or American consumers?

Comment by William Teach
2015-02-25 11:22:36

So much wrong with what you wrote, John. It’s amazing how wrong you get your facts. But, it is a cute deflection.


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