If You Won’t Reduce Your Big Carbon Footprint You Hate Children

Well, you. Not Warmists. They spread awareness, so they’re given a free pass. Here’s Time’s resident climahysteric, Bryan Walsh

Saving Our Grandchildren From Climate Change

A new study shows that human beings are too selfish to endure present pain to avert future climate change. That’s why we need win-win solutions now

Why shouldn’t we be selfish? Warmists are. Oh, and they hate Black people, constantly wanting to deny those in 3rd world shitholes developing nations the same modern lifestyle.

You want to know what the biggest obstacle to dealing with climate change is? Simple: time. It will take decades before the carbon dioxide we emit now begins to have its full effect on the planet’s climate. And by the same token, it will take decades before we are able to enjoy the positive climate effects of reducing carbon-dioxide emissions now.

So, we won’t know for decades what the supposed effect of Mankind’s CO2 output (except for statistically insignificant warming for over 16 years), and we won’t know what the effects of any (very expensive, freedom reducing, economy killing) mitigation programs and laws are for decades. Why does this remind me of one of those emails saying they have lots of money for you because their husband left them lots?

Oh, wait, sorry, it’s “for the kids,” an attempt to create an absolute moral authority, meaning no one else is allowed their opinion or facts. Funny how these same liberals aren’t concerned with leaving our future generations massive debt, unsustainable unfounded liabilities, etc.

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Comment by Jeffery
2013-10-22 15:51:07

US debt is of little importance compared to the long-term effects of global warming. In fact, we can solve our debt problem by adapting a healthcare system similar to what other advanced nations do. There. Fixed.

Now, global warming. The CO2 that we are emitting now will continue to warm the Earth for a century or more, and there is no end in sight, is there?

You say that people are trying to scare you, and you are correct. You should be scared.

Comment by gitarcarver
2013-10-22 16:56:58

In fact, we can solve our debt problem by adapting a healthcare system similar to what other advanced nations do.

Except, of course, the CBO has said that ObamaCare will add to the debt, not lessen it.

Only in the world of a liberal does adding more debt result in less debt.

The CO2 that we are emitting now will continue to warm the Earth for a century or more, and there is no end in sight, is there?

Except for the fact we don’t know for certain that CO2 is contributing to global warming and if so, to what extent, you are correct.

Comment by My_Gumballs_Are_Bigger_Than_Yours
2013-10-22 21:20:14

In fact, we can solve our debt problem by adapting a healthcare system similar to what other advanced nations do.

What the EF??!?? What does going in to further debt and killing healthcare for millions got to do with reducing our national $17\$72 Trillion debt? So, tell me J, does spending more money from your checkbook mean you’ll get more money deposited?

And no, our grandchildren won’t be able to enjoy any weather we have when the nation is in economic shambles. No matter what happens, if we can’t afford anything, killing their future economically is a travesty and a crime. But, you want to pile more debt on them?!??! You Socialists have already nearly doubled the debt in 5 years, and where are we at?

How many more trillions will it take before you accept that debt does not create growth?

And btw, as our CO2 has doubled since about 1850, but our temperature has jumped up and down and barely rose 1.4F since that time, … I see absolutely no linkage between the two. And if there was… I’m rather enjoying this nice warm weather.

If you Socialist want it colder.. then MOVE NORTH!! And you could move to Canada while you are at it. They have a nice place in their Socialism for ya. Leave our capitalistic democratic republic to us.

Comment by Rob in Katy
2013-10-23 00:40:57

I understand that it is rather difficult to farm under 18 inches of snow – maybe warmer is better than colder?

Comment by Jeffery
2013-10-24 08:15:47

You misunderstand. Every other advanced nations spends much less per person on healthcare than we do. If the US healthcare costs per person were in line with Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK… (you get the idea) then our long-term debt problem (because it is driven by Medicare-Medicaid spending) would be solved. We can either get healthcare price inflation under control OR we can drastically cut gov’t healthcare support. Should we cut Medicare in half?

Comment by gitarcarver
2013-10-24 10:30:06

No one has misunderstood Jeffery except for you.

The US had at one time the best, most efficient health care system on the world. People like you thought government intervention and control would make it better. It didn’t.

So now you want more control, and the estimated cost of healthcare will go from 16% of the GDP to rougly 20 %.

Then people like you will continue to complain about the very problem you created and made worse.

Comment by My_Gumballs_Are_Bigger_Than_Yours
2013-10-24 11:58:49

I was going to add, So J thinks our gov’t should spend less on healthcare? We agree. We actually believe the Fed gov’t should probably get out the healthcare business and leave it to the states.

I also believe the Feds should not be in the food stamp business. That too should be the state’s job of taking care of its citizens if it so chooses. You can add unemployment on that as well. Feds have no business with these local issues.

I’m glad to hear that you are coming over to the libertarian\conservative view of fiscal thinking.

But, this also conflicts with your previous thoughts that certain people should be taxed more than others (which I wonder is unconstitutional based on “equal treatment” issues). And you believe the Gov’t should steal certain people’s wealth and give it to others.


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