Climate Astrology: Global Warming Means More Blizzards

The Associated Press’ biggest globull warming cheerleader, Seth Borenstein, is back with more climastrology

(WRAL) With scant snowfall and barren ski slopes in parts of the Midwest and Northeast the past couple of years, some scientists have pointed to global warming as the culprit.

Then, when a whopper of a blizzard smacked the Northeast with more than 2 feet of snow in some places earlier this month, some of the same people again blamed global warming.

How can that be? It’s been a joke among skeptics, pointing to what seems to be a brazen contradiction.

But the answer lies in atmospheric physics. A warmer atmosphere can hold, and dump, more moisture, snow experts say. And two soon-to-be-published studies demonstrate how there can be more giant blizzards yet less snow overall each year. Projections are that that’s likely to continue with manmade global warming.

So, are we to assume that the last glacial period was caused by too much warmth? Did glaciers cover what has become New York City while it was warm? Were the Great Lakes created because of runaway greenhouse gas output to fuel the vehicles of Wooly Mammoths?

Does warmer air hold more moisture than cold air? Yes. But, in a truly heavily warming world what we would see would be warm fronts hit slightly less warm fronts, creating rain, not snow. And let’s consider that many snow events feature cold air with moisture coming down from Alaska and Canada. Furthermore, none of these snow storms are proof of anthropogenic global warming (nor do they prove a coming cool period). All they prove is that weather happens. The global climate did warm a whopping 1.5F since the end of the Little Ice Age, which is expected during climate flips during this inter-glacial period, though, actually less an increase than during previous warm Holocene warm periods.

“Shorter snow season, less snow overall, but the occasional knockout punch,” Princeton University climate scientist Michael Oppenheimer said. “That’s the new world we live in.”

The rest of the article runs this way, with Warmists attempting to defend their cult. As Marc Morano writes

‘No matter what the weather is like, it always turns out to be exactly the kind of weather we should expect if human activity were causing global temps to rise’

I suspect we can expect them to say that every snow storm from now on will be considered a blizzard in order to defend their unhinged and unscientific pseudo-religion

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6 Responses to “Climate Astrology: Global Warming Means More Blizzards”

  1. Kevin says:

    As soon as a drought appears somewhere, they’ll say, “It is as expected. Warmer air won’t let go of its moisture, causing widespread droughts.”

  2. john says:

    Brian sounds like he needs to reread a middle school Earth Science textbook.
    Teach you do realize that during the last Ice Age the Alaskan interior was not glaciated because of its arid condition don’t you? And please note that their was only a small temp difference between the current temps in say New York and what were present during the Ice Age
    Only about 3 degrees C colder than present

  3. john says:

    98% of climatologists believe that man is causing the climate to change.
    ‘No matter what the weather is like, it always turns out to be exactly the kind of weather we should expect if human activity were NOT causing global temps to rise’
    That is what the climate change deiers and climate truthers always say

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    LOL KEVIN!!!

  5. ed able says:

    What difference does it make! We’ve lost 3 American winters here. We need to get to the bottom of this and make sure it never happens again…

    Just as healthcare reform was all about redistribution of wealth, so too, global cooling, global warming, climate change… whatever word fits the current proselytization, with a loss of liberty, property rights, jobs… and a steady but certain decay of our economy until we are truly a banana republic – with a few blizzards now and then.

    Climate change is but 1 of many legs in the delusion that is liberal thought. The behind the scenes puppeteers don’t believe this shit just as Obama didn’t believe his own lies in his last speech. These guys are like junkies looking for a fix, but the fix is in and the fix is on them. Too bad the rest of us salient sapiens can’t fix them that’s fixated.

  6. Gumball_Brains says:

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