Hooray! North Carolina Saw It’s 3rd Coldest November On Record

Where’s that globull warming when you need it? (via Real Science)

I’m sure Warmists will somehow blame this on hotcoldwetdry, because nothing dissuades them from belief that a trace gas necessary for life (and which they themselves put out from their fossil fueled vehicles which Warmists refuse to give up for themselves) causes everything.

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Comment by Gumball_Brains
2012-12-07 20:26:48

I’m confused Teach. That trend looks fairly flat across the years. That doesn’t make sense at all.

but… how does that work? 2012 had the HOTTEST january on record. 2012 had the HOTTEST summer on record. 2012 had a drought that never happened before. 2012 had fires in a small region of the US that never happened before. 2012 saw a hurricane at the end its season that never happened before. 2012 saw the driest, most burned, most hottestest, most destroyed, most everything ….. in the US. So, that would mean the GLOBE is on fire, right?

I think your data is wrong. You need to get your data from an official science data gathering agency.

Comment by JGlanton
2012-12-08 02:50:56

It was 60 degrees for Piers Morgan in DC a few days ago. That’s all that matters for the world to learn about globull warming. He doesn’t care if some rednecks and tobacco farmers say they are chilly. They probably can’t read a thermometer anyway.

Comment by JGlanton
2012-12-08 02:54:14

That chart clearly lacks the sophisticated weighting functions in use by the consensus makers.

Comment by Gumball_Brains
2012-12-08 10:51:12

JG. I have but one word for you and your anti-science hate-filled racist rhetoric.


Comment by William Teach
2012-12-08 11:15:48

You need to get your data from an official science data gathering agency

From Think Progress, right?

Comment by Gumball_Brains
2012-12-08 11:31:04

Well…. yeah. They have officially approved NASA representatives from the officially recognized international studies program based on UN IPCC precepts, “climate science”.


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