So, How Awesome Is Renewable Energy?

Jo Nova explains

In June this year the UNEP report announced that Global Renewable Energy investment reached $257 Billion in  2011. It’s so large it rivals the $302 billion invested in fossil fuel power. But how much electricity do we get for all that money? When the details are pulled from the fog, a quarter of a trillion dollars appears to produce only about 3% of all our global electricity, and even less of our global energy. All that money, so few gigawatts.

She then goes through many of the tricks to make alternatives appear to be working better than they really are, including adding hydro-power into the mix. Remember, enviroweenies want hydro-electric damns torn down for a variety of reasons.

I’m not against alternative energy methods: I just want to see them done in a way that makes sense, and provide electricity at a low cost. Furthermore, we shouldn’t be limiting our current power with old school “dirty” methods till they can be replaced sensibly.

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3 Responses to “So, How Awesome Is Renewable Energy?”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Ummm… it has to be way more than that. The US alone has spent that much alone on failed-green. If not more.

    And for all of this added debt on to silly person’s grandchildren and our grandchildren, we only managed to increase energy from “green” sources from 0.1% to 0.1% (excluding hydro).

    Hey, I have a question. If the FEDS and state gov’ts were not subsidizing private industries failed efforts on failed large-scale “green” energy, if they weren’t passing out tax dollars to foreign companies and foreign subsidiaries of local unions, would our taxes be lower?

    Would our federal taxes be lower if the Feds were not taking money from us, just to give it back to the states?

    Would our federal taxes be lower if the Feds focused on federal\multi-state\global issues instead of local and private-organizational issues?

  2. The Worm says:

    Shhhhh…don’t upset the Chinese applecart being pulled by their very own cash cow.

    The Chinese are producing “green” technology and undercutting the price on “green” technology produced in the west. As a result, production companies (such as Solyndra) are going out of business. The clever part of the deal is that most of the money China puts into “green” tech. is for production and then export. In other words, they are a return on their investment, while countries like the US buy their low-producing crap with no return investment.

    At the same time, China continues to build coal-fired generators. Over 80% of their electricity comes from these coal-fired generators, and they will continue to build them.

    Simply put…China builds the solar panels, rods and such…along with wind capture technology and sells it to the suckers in the west…
    The Worm

  3. Jose says:

    From the depths of bitter clinger country:

    Idaho Power attorney Donovan Walker said the oversupply of wind power it was forced to buy since 2010 will cost its customers tens of millions of dollars over the next few years they would otherwise not have to pay.

    Kristine Sasser, an assistant attorney general… said the state is not required to ensure that renewable projects are financially viable.

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