Draw Mohammed Day!

Mohammed Tramp Stamp

Yes, today is “Draw Mohammed Day!” Alas, I cannot draw worth a damn, so, how about an older Mohammed Tramp Stamp, one which was banned from Photobucket? Double alas, the hard drive on my personal PC will not load Windows, and someone took the disks or my imaging program, so, cannot create a new one. Sigh.

Anyhow, Ed Morrissey is wondering if this is a good idea, and has a poll up.

The Jawa Report has a few posts up on the subject. Actually, there are like 6 or so. Check them out. Along with TJR, I and others are banned in India over the Flush The Koran project. Can we get banned in an actual Muslim nation?

John Hawkins is a bit better then me at drawing, and has his entry.

Michelle Malkin has a very long and awesome post with lots of pictures, asking for a serious fatwa from the RoP. Not the good type, either.

Others working the fatwa: Atlas Shrugs, Just Because You’re Paranoid (somewhat NSFW), Don Surber, Gates Of Vienna, Gateway Pundit, Jumping In Pools, POWIP, Snapped Shot, Confederate Yankee, This ain’t Hell, Wizbang, Pursuing Holiness,

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Comment by gitarcarver
2010-05-20 14:00:26

And then there is this take on it:


Good stuff.

Comment by William Teach
2010-05-20 14:59:00

I’d heard about the first, but, the second is wild!

Comment by Matthew
2010-05-20 15:55:20

Thanks for the link!

Comment by The Watcher
2010-05-20 20:03:29

There are Mohammads in that picture? Where?

Comment by bonafide
2010-05-20 23:48:34

Islam, the religion of peace? Bullshit. It is a pernicious fungus on the body human, and should be excoriated as soon as possible from all regions wishing to remain free, tolerant, and human. I wipe my ass with the Koran, and advocate all others in the West do the same. There are no ways to co-exist with this farce that claims to be a religion.

You go dude. Keep up the good work.

Comment by Bunny Colvin
2010-05-21 02:48:24

Bonafide Idiot- where we gonna get the oil, then? The Ruskies??? You trust them?

Comment by Otter
2010-05-21 04:17:58

Bunny – how about the proven reserves in our own country, as much as Saudi Arabia?

Comment by Bunny Colvin
2010-05-21 05:43:06

Squatter- did you deduct a few barrels from these “proven reserves in our own country” in light of recent events? Where you gettin them there figgers, anyways? Sister Sarah dream them up while waving to the Russians from her front porch?

Comment by John Ryan
2010-05-21 14:55:14

Of course it makes sense to mock a relgion in an area where we have 200,000 troops in danger. It only makes sense ! Why no one thought of it before is amazing .

Comment by gitarcarver
2010-05-21 16:58:43

Of course it makes sense to mock a relgion in an area where we have 200,000 troops in danger. It only makes sense ! Why no one thought of it before is amazing .

There ya go Ryan, way to stick up for the principles of free speech.


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