Josh Marshall: I Have No Idea About The Birther Issue Facts, But, I Know I Don’t Like It

Josh Marshall brings Teh Funny, along with his rose colored glasses, to the party with Sorry to State the Obvious, But …

Now, I don’t want to get into all the claptrap about the birth certificate. Because the whole story is just unadulterated, raw nonsense. What I do want to figure out, however, is a question that’s been rattling around my head for something like a year now. I have never seen any serious argument that the child of an American citizen, even if born abroad, isn’t him or herself a natural born American citizen. Yes, it’s now and again been raised as a topic with a wrinkle of ambiguity in the law; but the issue has never been that people actually believe such children aren’t ‘natural born’, only that it’s a phrase that was never expressly defined and there’s never been an opportunity to have a court review it since there’s never been a case with the relevant set of facts.

Yeah, just like that issue involving the phony cBS Texas Air National Guard documents, right, Josh? I mean, you obviously thought the story was just unadulterated, raw, partisan nonsense, right? Oh, wait, guess not. Here’s his last post on the subject

I’m clearly not a forensic expert on document analysis. So I don’t have any way of knowing or even coming up with a reasoned opinion about the authenticity of these documents published by CBS.

But one point of criticism doesn’t seem as clear as many are presenting it. I’m talking about the suggestion that a superscripted “th” marks these as clearly the product of a word-processing program.

So, even though the documents were clearly demonstratively fake, and Josh is no expert, he decided they were real, and posted quite a bit with the position that the docs were real, and Bush had to prove them wrong. But, this wasn’t unadulterated, raw nonsense, you know.

To be clear, I believe Obama is a natural born citizen, and will take that position until someone provides concrete proof. However, considering that the Constitution states that one must be a natural born citizen, why is it so much to ask for Obama to provide that proof?

Just One Minute also jumps in on the birthers vs. twoofers issue, which I sorta covered myself the other day.

Others discussing the birther issue, which is growing legs, much to the obvious horror of the Left: Just One Minute, D-Day, PoliGazette, QandO, The Moderate Voice,

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2 Responses to “Josh Marshall: I Have No Idea About The Birther Issue Facts, But, I Know I Don’t Like It”

  1. btenney says:

    For 50 odd years i had one of those short form certificates of live birth issued in Arizona.
    I always thought it was my birth certificate until I applied for a passport.
    It was not accepted and I had to go to the bureau of vital statistics to get a real one.
    Turns out what i thought was a birth certificate was filled out by the midwife and given to a doctor to notify the state of my birth. Real certificate was not issued until requested.

  2. I have the same issue. My parents gave me a whole bunch of my documents, and went to get a passport. Oops. Was a certification of birth, not a BC. They wouldn’t even accept it with a copy of my adoption papers. Still have to ask the state of NJ for a copy of my actual BC.

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