TB Friday Featuring The Surrender Monkey: For The Love Of McCain

Happy Friday to all! It’s that time of the week again! Do you have an interesting post you want to share with everyone? The official Surrender Monkey of the Democratic Party says to do what the Lefties don’t, since they all have the same talking points: link it!

They love him, they really do!

Rush Limbaugh launches daily rants against John McCain. Fellow conservative radio talk-show host Laura Ingraham dismissed the Arizona senator Wednesday as “the Democrats’ favorite Republican.” Hugh Hewitt blogged on Townhall.com that a vote for McCain “is a vote for an old warrior way past his prime and the prospect of three debates against Barack Obama in which the age and energy gap goes unremarked upon while devastatingly obvious.”

A washed-up old warrior? John McCain deserves more respect for risking his life in Vietnam and enduring five years in a Vietnamese POW camp, as he refused his captors’ offer to free him.

Of course engaged Republicans have a right to criticize McCain on the issues – but they go too far, and they are sabotaging their party’s chances in November.

Wait a minute, this is the San Fran Chronicle, a newspaper in what is probably the most far, far, liberal (read surrender) cities in the country. Hell, the world. And they are complaining about McCain’s treatment?

Look, I do not get to listen to Rush all that much. Typically maybe 4-5 hours a week, tops. I did get to listen a lot last week, as I was doing performance evaluations and large 1st quarter plan, and I heard what Rush usually does: takes candidates on regarding their politics, their plans, and their backgrounds. Just like with all the candidates, the other pundits, the news, and so on, a little bit of personal slips in. Welcome to Politics 101.

I couldn’t tell you about Laura or Hugh, don’t listen and do not read that much. However, it is funny that we have this ultra-liberal paper talking about “going to far” which might sabotage “their party’s chances in November.”

Let me say this: politics is dirty. Too many people on both sides have been whining (as seems to happen every 4 years, I’m not sure why ;)) about it. It is not going to change.

McCain has some great points. He is a leader who can bridge from on the Right through the middle over to tepid left. He is a staunch supporter in the war against Islamic terrorism and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has other good points, too, which is why good blog friends Silke and Stacy are McCain supporters. He also has some bad points, which the article mentions, and I will not get into at this time.

But it also mentions him being a media darling. And, I believe the biggest issue McCain has with the conservative base is that he is a media darling, and the media is mostly liberal. McCain seems to have no trouble throwing Republicans to the wolves for a quote in the NY Times. He dropped us in a vat of boiling oil with his “Gang of 14” thing.

If it comes down to it, I will support him for President. Except where Ron Paul is concerned, my buzz phrase is “anyone but a Democrat.” Regardless of some of his positions, McCain would be a Republican. And McCain is a good man, and, like with all politicians, they pander, they flip flop, they take contradictory positions. So, despite being a darling of the liberal media, and some of the other things he has done, he is still a good candidate for the GOP.

But, it is still disturbing when the liberal media gushes over him.

PS: The Surrender Monkey is also digging for material, since the Dems haven’t been trying to surrender to Islam lately.

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8 Responses to “TB Friday Featuring The Surrender Monkey: For The Love Of McCain”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach McCain is the only Republican that has any chance of beating ANY Democrat.
    This is because for any candidate to win they must appeal to the Independents.
    Ultra right conservatives like Fred! can’t even get a majority of their own party to vote for them.
    McCain is anti torture, concerned about global warming, and pro amnesty. Most Americans like those positions.

  2. john Ryan says:

    Social conservatives are trying to hold back change, they want everything to just stay the same

  3. boomer says:

    While I haven’t committed my vote yet, other than the fact that I won’t be voting for the Surrender Pary, I do like a lot of things that McCain is saying. Don’t get me wrong, there are some things he supports that I don’t agree with, but I can probably live with those issues. While I also like Thompson, I am not sure that people are ready for his ultra-conservative views. I also find Huckabee very interesting, however, I am not sure he can win over the the Dems. I think McCain has the best chance of challenging the Surrender Monkeys.

  4. Stacy says:

    Hey Silke, isn’t it just wrong that you and I like the same candidate? I don’t think we could further apart on any issue, but we both like him.

    Here’s my thing; at this point I want a moderate in the White House. I’m sick of the bickering. Will it end? Of course not. But I just can’t stand the childish behavior any more. I see McCain being a bit more diplomatic.

  5. I can live with McCain, though, if he actually wins, I will abandon him in heart beat if he tries that amnesty stuff again.

  6. Silke says:

    Stacy, I think it’s great that we like the same candidate. I’m sick of the partisan bickering too. If McCain or Obama win we will see more moderate politics. At least I hope so. If Clinton or Giuliani win – forget it.

    Teach said: I will abandon him in heart beat if he tries that amnesty stuff again.

    You mean the same “amnesty” that Fred Thompson is for?

  7. I’d abandon Fred in a heartbeat if he brought up the kind of amnesty legislation that McCain did, too.

    There is NO WAY that Obama is moderate. There is little difference between him, Clinton, or Edwards.

  8. Silke says:

    Teach said: There is NO WAY that Obama is moderate. There is little difference between him, Clinton, or Edwards.

    I disagree. This is why…


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