Demotivation Monday: What Has Chertoff Been Smokin?

And a Happy Monday to all. Harry Reid has said all is lost, so it is time to take it down a notch, get in the wrong frame of mind for the work week, be prepared to do your least and worst, or at least your bare minimum.

Seems as if Michael Chertoff has been running his mouth yet again

(Washington Times) Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff yesterday scolded senators for failing to pass an immigration bill with new border and interior enforcement tools, refused to commit to spending the $4.4 billion in border security President Bush said is needed, and said the onus is now on Congress to pass something.

"We’re going to say to the members of Congress who think they have a better way that they should produce legislation and pass legislation, which they have not done for the past two years," Mr. Chertoff said on "Fox News Sunday."

"They’ve tried ‘enforcement-only.’ That didn’t pass. We’ve tried ‘comprehensive.’ That’s stalled. I think it’s now time for Congress, which has the power to legislate, to make a determination about how it wants to help us solve this problem," he said.

Au contraire, Mr. Chertoff. There are plenty of laws on the books which you and President Bush choose to ignore regarding illegal immigration. Such as building the friggin’ fence. Such as going in to businesses and arresting illegals, then sending the whole family to wherever they originated from. I notice that most of the raids have stopped since the shamnesty bill hit the Senate floor. Why is that, Sec. Chertoff?

Apparently, the $4.4 billion was going to come from the fines paid by illegals. So, let me get this straight: the Z visa bullshit wasn’t going to start till certain metrics were hit, which would have been several years from now. But the money to pay to hit those metrics was going to come from those fines for the Z visas. See anything wrong with that scenario?

Mr. Chertoff said he will have a tough time enforcing existing laws without some of the tools the Senate bill would have given him, including stiffer employer sanctions, but said the administration has been enforcing the laws and will continue to do so.

I call bullshit! The 2 miles of fence built are the only proof necesssary, though there is plenty more.

There is plenty more to the story, which will make you feel like a liberal at a GOP convention. Might want to wait till later in the day, so you do not start the day as angry(wo)man.

More: Hot Air’s latest Vent asks who believes Chertoff?

Michelle Malkin discusses the diminished credibility of the DHS. Guess who leads them?

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