South Korean Youts Suit On Climate Doom Goes To High Court

Considering that South Korea is utterly dependent on fossil fuels to import and export a huge chunk of their goods, because the nation might as well be an island with North Korea to the north, how would this work if the kiddies win their (astroturfed) lawsuit?

South Korean court hears children’s climate change case against government

South Korea’s Constitutional Court began hearing on Tuesday a case that accuses the government of having failed to protect 200 people, including dozens of young environmental activists and children, by not tackling climate change.

The proceeding is Asia’s first such climate-related litigation, the plaintiffs said, which includes four petitions by children and infants among others dating from 2020, as well as one from a foetus at the time, nicknamed Woodpecker.

Climate lawsuits are a global trend, drawing increasing public interest, said Lee Jongseok, the president of the court, which is one of the highest in South Korea.

“The court recognises the importance and public interest of this case and will make efforts to ensure that deliberations are conducted thoroughly,” he said.

“South Korea’s current climate plans are not sufficient to keep the temperature increase within 1.5 degrees Celsius, thus violating the state’s obligation to protect fundamental rights,” the plaintiffs said in a statement.

OK, so, what happens if they significantly reduce their use of fossil fuels or end them? What happens with all their automobiles, auto parts, technology, and other goods exported? You can’t send them on sailing ships, can you?

Anyhow, what I’m not finding in any of the news articles, or even in the complaints filed (obviously, reading the English translations) is what they want the court and government to actually do. If you sue someone you want something, right? If someone steals your song, you would sue them for restitution and to take the song off the market. So, what do these “youths”, ie, their parents and big monied climate cult groups, really want?

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2 Responses to “South Korean Youts Suit On Climate Doom Goes To High Court”

  1. Facts Matter says:

    I hope one envirowhacko reads the following information on Green energy.

    The Congo is the source of 70% of the world’s cobalt.

    Alas, we know that 15 of the 19 cobalt mines in the Congo are controlled by the Chinese government or a Chinese entity. The cobalt is removed and taken to China, where it is refined and put into Green energy products, which require enormous amounts of fossil-fueled resources.

    A large amount of Lithium needed for car batteries comes from the Atacama Desert in South America, also known as the lithium triangle. The lithium mining process is problematic for the region because the land is extraordinarily dry and lithium extraction requires large amounts of water, requiring about 500,000 gallons to produce a single ton.

    There are two different approaches to mining nickel, one involves an energy-intensive process that requires coal-fired furnaces, which he said is damaging to the Indonesian environment and its people and the second is through chemical extraction using sulphuric acid. Once you’ve finished mining for nickel, it needs to be disposed of either in tailing ponds or dried and stacked both of which pose environmental problems.

    This is why the USA refuses to mine its own nickel in any quantity needed to go green in the USA.

    Just through the extraction process, he explained, there is the exploitation of child labor and environmental damage. But then, the minerals are sent to China, where about 80% of the batteries’ raw materials are refined.

    Those with rational minds understand that the Fossil fuels companies are continuing to reduce co2 emmissions to appease the whackos as we rape the planet of resources to build batteries that only last ten or so years before having to be replaced or recycled.

    Green energy is ultimately more dirty than fossil fuels, just in another set of dirty ways.

    I hope this helps at least one person understand the full danger going green in a crash effort is a true national emergency for the USA and will ultimately cause the demise of the United States of America.

  2. Dana says:

    We successfully exported Western civilization to the Republic of Korea, so naturally the growth of the idiocy of the privileged has followed. It’s like Queers for Palestine: people so uneducated and unaware and just plain stupid to realize that what they are advocating would destroy their own privileged lives.

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